Civil Engineering

The way to a brighter future

What does a civil engineer do?

A civil engineer Designs, constructs, supervises, operates, an maintains large construction projects. Before actually getting what they created built they must give estimates on costs, test the building materials, and make sure they get the permits to construct their structures.

How to become one

When becoming an engineer there isnt a whole lot to it. For starters you will need some time of bachelors degree in any similar types of civil engineering. After you get that you need Engineering license(ABET). This allows you to have the permission needed to do your job legally. There are also some skill you should have that would really benefit you if you were to do this job. These skills include visualization skills, complex problem solving skills, math skills, orginizational skill, and writings skills.

By 2022 the job outlook should increase by 20%

What to expect

If you were an engineer theres a lot that can go on. Often you could find yourself working in offices, the job site, labortories testing your materials or soil, and even tackling hands on problems. Annually you will make around $80,000 And if your really good and experience you could be making about $125,000. Almost always you will work 40 hour weeks, but if your getting near deadlines or needing to stay after to make sure everthing is going the way it should many times you will need to stay longer.
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