Save Virunga Gorillas Now!

Humans are destroying gorillas’ habitats! They are dying!

Athena Sun

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The arrow is pointing to the Virunga Mountains of Central Africa

What problems are gorillas facing?

Gorillas are facing many problems and because of those problems, their population is declining. One problem they are facing is that humans are coming in to where the gorillas live to use natural resources, and because of that, gorillas are declining. Also, humans can also give off diseases to gorillas. When gorillas catch them, it is hard for them to recover fast, unlike humans which can cause them to suffer or even die. The last problem they are facing is that many gorillas can get caught in nets accidentally when people are hunting for other animals. This causes injuries or even death on gorillas. Those are the problems that gorillas are facing.

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Rangers, assisted by local volunteers are carrying the body of a silverback mountain gorilla killed at the Virunga National Park

How do gorillas play important role in our ecosystem?

Gorillas play a very important role for their ecosystem. Without them, it could affect other things in nature. Gorillas are threatened by habitat loss because the human population is starting to increase in the place that they live. Habitat loss can affect growing on crops, and many other things. Without gorillas the food chain would be messed up because they eat a variety of vegetations. Because of this, it can affect wildlife(other wildlife)and their habitats. That is how losing gorillas can affect humans and other animals (things in nature).
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A gorilla eating the bark of a tree

How are humans helping gorillas?

Many people are helping to save gorillas in the Virunga Mountains of Central Africa. The Senkwekwe Center is a facility that takes care of gorilla orphans. They provide loving care to these animals. They give them homes and a place where the gorillas don’t have to worry about humans/farmers coming into their property, and making a living there. That is how many people are helping gorillas in the Virunga Mountains of Central Africa.
Helping People. Saving Gorillas.

How people save gorillas

How can we help gorillas?

There are many many reasons on how we can help gorillas. We can first help the gorillas by making the human population grow smaller in the place that they live (Virunga Mountains of Central Africa). We can also help them by adopting a gorilla online and to eliminate hunting in their habitats. There are gorilla conservation programs to protect gorillas, but not only gorillas. They also protect other species of animals in the same habitat that the gorillas live in. That is some of the reasons on how we can help gorillas.