Week 10 Assignment

Samuel Ruiz Plaza

The Crittenden Compromise

  • By the time Abraham Lincoln was president seven states from the south had already seceded.
  • The states just above the seceded states were debating of whether seceding or not.
  • Senator John Crittenden said that the line of the Missouri Compromise should divide the North from the South.
  • Slavery was illegal in the North and legal in the South.

Consequences of Fort Sumter

  • Some of the immediate consequences of the fall of Fort Sumter:
  • The loss of more border states such as: Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia
  • The only border states that remained neutral were Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri
  • Lincoln ordered federal troops to the border to states to try to make sure they stayed part of the Union
  • Although slavery was illegal in the North some border states had slavery
  • Little by little the Confederacy was growing

"A Rich Man's War and a Poor Man's Fight"

  • This statement stated that during the civil war everyone had something to fight for
  • The Southerners were fighting to stay independent and to keep slavery
  • The African Americans were fighting for there freedom and rights
  • The Northerners were fighting to keep the nation united and to ban slavery

African Americans & Women

  • African Americans played a big role for the union during the war
  • They fought in the war
  • About 180,000 African Americans were enlisted in the Union
  • African Americans in the south worked on plantations
  • Women also made a big impact during the civil war
  • Some worked in Hospitals and on the grounds to tend the soldiers
  • Others helped sew uniforms and make equipment

Soldiers During the War

  • Soldiers from both the Union and the Confederacy were very excited to fight for what they believed in
  • There happiness lasted a very short time because the civil war brought horror to there lives
  • Both sides lacked equipment and supplies
  • The conditions of the area in where the soldiers would stay was very unhealthy and dirty
  • Many died of disease and infection
  • The Civil War was one of the bloodiest and traumatizing war
  • On top of all the disease and war soldiers also spent many time alone and depressed

Who Opposed the War in the North?

  • The Democrats and the White Upper class opposed the war in the north
  • Northerners and Democrats sympathized southerners and did not want to fight
  • They felt as it would hurt the economy and the nation
  • Democrats who supported the south were called Copperheads