Creating a Character Profile

Mysterious Benedict Society

World Class Outcome & the 4C's

  • Evaluate how authors are strategic in meaning with more than one elements and more complex text
  • Communication,Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity

Our Protagonist- Reynie Muldoon

One of the the protagonist of our book The Mysterious Benedict Society is Reynie Muldoon. Even thought the story resolve around him and his friend and it is told in third person the narrator always follows Reynie where ever he goes and not the other characters. He is also, the main person fighting back against the antagonist, Mr. Curtain.


Reynie is a round character because he is very well developed and you know many things about him from the the third person narrator and it takes a while to describe him. He is also dynamic because he has changed through the book so far. He is in flat because he is very well developed and isn't easily defined, in addition he defiantly isn't static because he has changed and we are only half way through the book.

Direct v. Indirect Charicteisation

The indirect characterization to describe Reynie is when he passes the test with show that he is extremely smart, the direct characterization to describe Reynie is when Miss. Perumal says that he is an extremely smart kid in the beginning.


Reynie is to brains as Walt Disney is to Micky Mouse

Reynie is to the the Institute as I am to Heritage Elementary

Reynie is to clever as Mr. Curtain is to inventive

Reynie is to testing as disobedient kids are to the waiting room

Reynie is to orphan as Stick is to genus

Emerald Forest Mirror Maze- Butterfly Palace

Tuesday, Nov. 10th, 10am

Rainforest Adventure Branson, MO 65616

This mirror maze is tom test the critical thinking and cleverness of the crew.

About Alex WIegman

I'm Alex Wiegman I'm 12 years old and in 6th grade at Heritage Elementary School in Highlands Ranch, CO, USA. So far I love The Mysterious Benedict Society it is a very exciting book and you get very addicted and it is hard to stop when we have to for our reading.

About Reynie Muldoon

He is an outrageously smart kid that is actually very humble about it. he is also a natural leader, all the kids in the Mysterious Benedict Society look at him for guidance, especially at the Institute. He is a very clever and out going kid as he has proved in his time at the test and the Institute.

The book trailier

Here is the link if you want to check it out.