I AM a Leader

Esther Albuquerque

Leader: A Definition

When I hear the word "leader" I think of someone that has courage and responsibility. Someone that is reliable and confident. Everybody has these traits inside of them which means that everyone can be a leader. But does everyone get the chance, does everybody want to? A leader must have the bravery to step up and decide things. They must be the voice and mind for an entire group. Yes, everybody has the ability to do this, but can everyone be an effective leader? A leader has to have good character, be trustworthy and honest. Integrity is another word that pops to mind when the idea of a leader is brought up. I think a leader must posses these characteristics if they are going to help get the group anywhere closer to the goal. They must be fully committed to the cause because when the leader doesn't put 100% in neither do the followers.
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Everyone Should Have a Say

I would categorize myself as a democratic leader because when I make decisions I use everyone's ideas. I like collaborating with others because most of the time, even when I am the leader, other people have ideas that I really like. I make sure that the ENTIRE group agrees with the final decision. As the leader I am the one that carries out that final decision, because that is my job. Also, I think the job of a leader is to DIRECT a group not do all the work that's why I feel that everyone in a group should participate. Productivity in a group is important so that everyone feels needed and stays interested. As a democratic leader I am very effective and I work hard to meet the goal of the entire group. I am encouraging and motivate people to do the best they can.

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The Personality Factor

My personality definitely effects my leadership style. I am loud and enthusiastic so I can get everyone to listen to me I am giving directions. When I am a leader I make everything seem fun even when it really isn't. I use my hands and act things out when I talk for entertainment. Even a person isn't listening they can still get the message I am trying to tell them by my body language. I always have people participate in whatever I am leading so they feel a part of it. Personally, I really like when activities are interactive so I can get involved and that helps me understand the subject more. This is why I incorporate that into my leadership style. The one thing that is in my leadership style that is not in my personality is hardness. When people don't do their part or contribute to the cause I get really upset because it gets me displayed as a bad leader and that person gets the same credit as everyone else.

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Leaders Can Always Improve

I have learnt a lot in the lessons that we have done in Humanities. I learnt that I have an ESFJ Personality, (Extrovert 67%, Sensing 38%, Feeling 12% and Judging 33%) which has helped me realized that I judge people too hard and should give people a chance. I found out what type of leader I am in Lesson 3. This will help me keep to the requirements of a Democratic Leader and always try to include everyone. In the Socratic Circle we did in Language Arts there were a lot of good questions that really helped me critically think about what a leader is. I now have a better understanding about who can be a leader and how important they are. After we did all the activities in class I realized how many opportunities I get to be a leader in school, so I decided to run for the National Junior Honor Society President.