El Salvador

By Cody Otto

National Anthem

El Salvador National Anthem Vocal


The area of El Salvador is 8,008 square miles, which is about the size of Massachusetts
Landing in El Salvador (Comalapa Airport)

San Salvador

El Salvador's capital is San Salvador
San Salvador City at Night 2011 - El Salvador


There are three distinct regions in El Salvador: Souther Coastal Belt, Central valleys and plateaus and the Northern mountains
El Salvador Terrain


Average temperature, rainfall and snowfall just like ours, tropical, wet and dry seasons
Climate change in El Salvador


The population in El Salvador is about 7.2 Million
Excerpt from the documentary El Salvador: I Want My People To Live (El Turno Del Ofendido)

Ethnic Groups

The main ethnic groups are Mestizo(90%), Caucasian(9%), and indigenous(1%)
El Salvador Folk Dance - South America Latino Festival ,Federation Square


The main language of El Salvador is Spanish
Speaking Salvadoran

Major Industries

Textiles and apparel, medicines, food and beverage processing, clothing, chemical products, petroleum products, electronics and call centers
San Salvador, an Industrial and Comercial Central American City


Coffee, sugar, livestock, corn, poultry and sorghum (cereal crop-animal feed)
Organic Farming in El Salvador with a Peace Corps Agriculture Volunteer


Us dollars and Salvadoran colon
Traveling El Salvador - Currency

Major Religions

Roman Catholic
El Salvador Impressive - Gray Line El Salvador .wmv

Historical Facts

Pipil Indians migrated there in the 11th century

Pedro de Alvaradora liutenent of Cortes's, conquered El Salvador

El Salvador, San Salvador famous places


They have a republic government
El Salvador War Documentaries

Famous Actor

Mauricio Merino

Famous Singer

Alvara Torres
Brand and Alexandra torres

Famous Athlete

Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez 7'3" High Jump


Mauricio Funes
Talk to Jazeera - Mauricio Funes


The blue and white stripes in the flag are based on importance of anil exports, they have two versions of there flag.
El Salvador Flag Raising at Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Joya de Ceren

Archaeological site in La Liberated Department
El Salvador Volcanic Ruins Joya de Ceren - Jim Rogers


They have surf trips with guided surf tours and is one of the best places in the world to surf
GoPro: Taylor Steele Presents Mikala Jones

Soccer War

El Salvador went to war with Honduras over a soccer game
El Salvador-Honduras 1969 Football War

Santa Ana

Santa Ana is surronded by green peaks with the slpe of Volcan Santa Ana rising to the southwest, it is a great city to relax in and see the classiest Parque Central around

San Miguel

San Miguel has a very popular graveyard vineyard and a Mission San Miguel Arcangel is a very popular visit because of its rich heritage.

Claudia Lars

At the age of 20 she published her first poetry book and over the years is one of the most respected poets in Latin America.