STAAR 2016



Make sure your staff is TRAINED and ready to go!
  • Check our SISD Training Calendar for your campus dates and times
  • Online Modules for staff new to SISD through Eduphoria eCourse
  • Make up trainings will take place with CTC (video of trainings will be provided)

Make sure your test administrators have the APPROPRIATE MANUALS!

Make sure you have a CAMPUS PLAN!
  • Materials check in and out
  • Cell phone & electronics plan - students and staff
  • Send district cell phone and cheating letter home to parents
  • Monitoring during testing
  • Cafeteria plan
  • Custodial plan - let them know of any special requests or needs
  • Test administrator relief
  • Calculators & dictionaries (Jr High/High School)
Make sure your online test administrators have logins for either system.
  • Submit a list of your Online Test Administrators prior to your campus training. I have to create their user accounts
Make sure Type 2 ARF requests are made by the end of February.


Enter Special Program TESTING & ACCOMMODATIONS into Test Hound.

  • Choose appropriate version of test.
  • Enter all accommodations for each test.
Make sure you verify TESTING & ACCOMMODATIONS information with special programs. Print the Master Accommodations list and have the coordinators/diagnosticians verify, sign & date them.
  • Special Education
  • 504
  • LEP
Set up all test sessions in Test Hound.
  • Set up testing rooms
  • Assign students to rooms
  • Assign teachers as test administrators
Verify pre-coded data with current information. A current Powerschool Report will be provided to you.
  • Economic Disadvantage status
  • LEP status
  • GT status
  • SpEd status
  • Birthdates, social security numbers, names
  • Make note of new or withdrawn students
Make plans for "New to Texas" documentation.
  • Keep a master list for the year.
  • Create a system for someone to notify you of new students if that does not already happen.
Make arrangements for additional staff to cover all of your test day needs.
  • Teachers from other classes.
  • Rearranging classrooms or labs and schedules
  • Displacing classrooms


When materials arrive, verify your order is correct.
  • Scan packets into Test Hound within 24 hours of receipt.
  • Make sure you received the appropriate number of answer documents.
  • Document the actual number of answer documents that you receive for each test. Include extra blanks from the back of the precode packet and any blanks included with a large print booklet.
Assign student test booklets in Test Hound.
  • Make sure you assign Form 1 booklets to oral administration groups.
  • Assign the test administrator a booklet for an oral administration group.
  • Print labels for student booklets (Remind staff that students must STILL write their names on their booklet as that is part of their instructions)
  • Make sure you are attaching the correct label to the correct booklet
  • Test administrator labels will not print.

Prepare your TEST TUBS. Be sure to include:

  • Answer Documents
  • Student Authorization Tickets (for online testing)
  • Test Booklets
  • Attendance Roster
  • Room Roster / Seating Chart
  • Accommodations Roster
  • Test Admin relief & Time tracker page
  • Student Sign out Sheet (HS/SSC)
  • STAAR Student Break Tracker (gr 3-8)
  • Testing Do Not Disturb Sign
  • Electronic/Cell Phone Policy Sign
  • Test Day instructions and schedule
  • STAAR Time Keeping and What can be said page
  • Instructions for collection of cellphones/electronics
  • Pencils
  • Student specific accommodations - Supplemental Aids, Manipulatives, Colored Overlays, etc.
  • Calculators or Dictionaries (if required)
  • Online Testing Instructions (coming soon)
  • Other supplies as needed


Make plans for checking materials out.
  • Think about having TA's verify testing materials the day prior to testing. Makes for a much smoother start on testing day.

Make plans for extended day testers.

  • Lunch
  • Combining or moving classrooms
Make sure your rooms are ready
  • Use forms or checklists that work for your campus
  • Materials removed from desks
  • Grey Phones on silent
  • Computers off
  • Instructional materials covered
  • Leave a checklist of things that need to be corrected

If something doesn't go as planned...

  • Call Mrs. Kissick ASAP
  • Incident Documentation Form
  • Get forms completed by staff or students before they leave that day, if possible.
  • Paperwork should be completed and returned by the next working school day, if possible.


Verify all answer documents have been returned.

  • Verify as TA's turn in their testing tubs.
Scan booklets to boxes to verify all booklets have been returned.
  • Verify as TA's turn in their testing tubs.
  • No need for them to be in numeric order.
  • Group them by test.
Make arrangements for make up testers.
  • Complete the Other/Absent Documentation Form if score codes are changed at the end of the testing window.
Get materials ready for return.
  • Double check documents (score codes, hand bubbled demographics, form numbers, correct count of scoreable documents).
  • Bundle documents for return - class and campus ID sheets.
  • Count blank documents & voided documents to ensure your final count matches your original total of answer documents.
  • Print Test Hound Boxed Booklet report for booklet return.
  • Make sure correct accommodations are bubbled on answer documents.

Enter accommodations into online system.

  • STAAR A testers
  • STAAR L testers

Shred the following:

  • Student authorization letters
  • Typed or handwritten responses that were transcribed
  • Any scratch paper, formula charts, etc. that have student work or notes

Organize documentation to keep on campus:

  • Packing Lists/Inventory
  • Sign in Sheets for trainings
  • All Oaths
  • Seating Charts
  • Student Rosters
  • Answer Document Count Verification
  • Score Code Form
  • Consolidation Tracking Forms
  • Incident Reports
  • Attendance Information
  • List of voided student answer documents and why not used

Andrea Kissick

Seminole ISD

District Testing Coordinator