Warning to ALL GBSC members!

There have been sightings of Motivated Monkeys at GBSC!

Sensing from afar the ether of

an unstoppable energy from the Monkeys clawing, scraping, scratching, sanding, smoothing her green & tender soul. Its inspirational, knowing that this team is generating an unstoppable force that will be harnessed & focused on the great challenges ahead, succumbing former gladiators of seasons past to the fires of Valhalla, swamping them in Green bow waves past cans & lights across the bay!

Kevin Heery

Be the hokey,….be it more than sun that courses brave Odin's veins!

Declan Larkin

Monkey - can't see, can't hear, can't tell!

Can't see, Can't hear, Can't tell

She's on top of the hill, not below in a well!

She's looking, listening, she's smelling the ether

She's certainly ready, and will definitely feature.

She's shining, shimmering, poised on the quay

Waiting to be unleashed and set free

Painted, polished, oiled and ready

The Monkey's heart is sure beating steady.

The team have prepared by day and by night

Anticipating, anxious and poised for the fight

The Monkey has noticed, she awaits her crew

Straining, motivated, for the season a-new!

There's mention of Odin, and Valhalla too

Of mystical Asgard..... or maybe it's true?

The Valkyries will choose, for they must decide

Ours is to obey, or to Freyja we reside!

Or pride will be strong, our spirit intact

As we gybe and reach, we run and we tack

The cans bob lightly o'er the beautiful bay

With the lights and reflections of the city - Galway

The thrills and the spills, will surely be fun,

As we set sail this summer, the crew will be one

There MAY be a broach, surely not two

As time goes by with this motley crew

So rise up together, with pride and esteem

As we ready the season as one fantastic team

We stand tall and united, prepared for the battle

And racing this season, will get a good rattle.


Written by Damien Carrick