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Clark's Corner

Parents, as many of you are going to be getting your children's report cards in the next few weeks and attending parent teacher conferences, I thought it would be beneficial to share a discussion we had in my house last week.

I came home and my wife was distraught because my daughter only knew 2 of the 30 sight words that they practiced all week. The words, "How will she ever learn all 28 remaining words for next week?" were uttered in frustration. At that point I channeled some advice given to me by one of my mentors. "Work everyday at getting just 1% better." Following that advice I told my wife that, "She won't, but she will learn 3." We focused on those three words (it, at, on) until my daughter had them down. Then we celebrated with a milk shake.

This lesson can be applied to goal setting with your children. Here are a few simple steps you can follow with your children to set and attain manageable goals.

1. Identify an area of school, or a class in school that your child needs to focus on.

2. Ask where they feel they are at on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being a failure, 10 being the pinnacle of success).

3. Then ask how do they get to the next number. (What will you need to do to get from being a 3 in math to being a 4 in math?)

4. Write down those steps. Put them somewhere your son or daughter can see them.

5. Follow up with them at least twice a week. (You said to get from a 3 to a 4 in math you needed to take better notes, tell me how that is going.)

6. When your child achieves their goal, take a day to celebrate. Then set a new goal.

Hope this helps you,

Mr. Clark

A quick read

I just finished a book entitled 212º The Extra Degree and after reading Mr. Clark's column in this week's chronicle, I thought it was fitting to share. This book has been described as a "must-have in every personal and business library" and explains a simple concept. The main idea of the book is that at 211 degrees water is very hot, however at 212 degrees it boils. And with boiling water comes steam and steam can power a locomotive. In short, that one extra degree (or going from a 3 to a 4 as Mr. Clark describes above) can make all the difference. The author goes on to list the amount of money, fame, and the difference in recognition between operating at 211 or 212 degrees.

The one extra degree of effort (in school, business, or life) can separate the good from the great and may help you attain your goal with the ONE EXTRA DEGREE.

Below are some quotes and statistics from the book:

-During the 2012 Summer Olympics, the margin or victory between a gold medal and no medal was 0.29 seconds (Men's Freestyle) and 0.17 seconds (Men's 100m).

-The average margin of victory in seconds at the Daytona 500 from 2000-2014 was 0.096 and first place prize dollars were $1,538,224 as compared to $1,062,217 for second place.

"Model one extra better example each day and give your children 365 more moments of inspiration each year."

"Triumph often is nearest when defeat seems inescapable."


On Friday, November 11th, Carleton will host an OK2SAY presentation. The focus of this presentation is on Cyber Safety, and has been viewed by thousands of middle school students around our state.

The content will be age appropriate, important, and will offer positive solutions for being aware and safe online. It will warn the students about the dangers that the internet poses to everyone and connect it to real life scenarios. I'd ask that you talk with your son or daughter about the presentation. I would encourage you to "keep an eye" on your child online.

I want to thank Mrs. Lane and Mrs. Lenz for working so hard to bring this presentation to our school and please reach out to either of them if you have any questions or concerns.

Events for Your Calendar

November 8 - No school for students

November 11 - OK2Say assembly and half day (Dismissal at 11am)

November 14 - Booster Club Meeting - 6pm in the Media Center

November 21 - Parent Teacher Conferences

November 22 - Parent Teacher Conferences (OK2SAY Presentation for parents)

November 23-27 - Thanksgiving Recess