Heroes Journey

By: Elle Sembrick

His Call to Adventure:

Professor Dumbledor calls Harry Potter to action because he catches his name of the of the goblet of fire. Harry's mentor is Mad-Eye Moody because he helps him through all of the challenges of the Triwizard Tournament and he does not give a gift to Harry.

Crossing the Threshold:

The threshold Harry crossed was getting last Voldemort and getting to the cup so he could get back to Hogwarts. Voldemort was "guarding the threshold" because he was battling Harry and wouldn't let him go back to the cup.

The Road of Trials:

1. The first challenge of the Triwizard Tournament was a trial that he had to get past. He had to get past a dragon and get the golden egg and he did it.

2. The second challenge of the Triwizard Tournament was another trial he had to get past. He had to be under water for an hour and get his friends and bring them back up to the surface of the black lake.

3. The third challenge of the Triwizard Tournament was the last trial he had to get past. He had to go through a very dangerous maze and get to the Cup and when he got to the cup it brought his to a bad grave yard but he escaped and went back to Hogwarts.

The Return

Harry returns to Hogwarts and everyone recognizes him as a hero. His companions do not get recognized when Harry is claimed a hero.


Harry Potter is an outcast in this movie because he is not 16 years old but he got picked to be in the Triwizard Tournament. In order to be entered into the tournament you have to be 16 and Harry is 14.

Faithful Companions

Harry has many faithful companions thoughout the story. The most important ones are Ron Wesely, Hermione Granger, Rubious Hagrid, and Mad-Eye Moody until the end of the story when he turns into Marty Crouch Jr., who is a bad guy.


Tom Riddle or Voldemort is the destroyer. In the beginning of the series he killed Harry's parents and tried to kill Harry but did not succeed. Now he wants to kill Harry because then he will be the most powerful wizard ever.

Magic Weapon

The Harry Potter series is about wizards and wizards have wands. Whether they are good or bad they still have wands and use them for the good or bad. In Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire there is a Triwizard Cup (trophy), which turns out to be a port key to a bad grave yard.


In the Harry Potter movies, Harry and Voldemort always have a battle. In these battles Harry always preforms a spell that makes red stuff come out of his wand and Voldemort preforms a spell that makes green stuff come out of his wand. Also, in Hogwarts there are different houses that the children live in. These houses compete against each other and have different colors to represent each other in the competitions they have.

Supernatural Intervention

During one of the battles that Harrry and Voldemort have, the patronus of his parents show up and help him escape from Voldemort so he can get to the port key and go back to Hogwarts.


Harry and the rest of the children that got to Hogwarts have a haven. This haven is Hogwarts. Hogwarts is their haven because it has some of the best wizards in the world working in it and it is a very big guarded castle.


Harry is the hero. He escapes from Voldemort and throughout the challenges of the tournament he brings back more people than he was supposed to. He saves life's and helps people. He's the ultimate hero.
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