Michael Jordan

Greatest basketball player ever to play the game

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Michael Jordan is one of my role models this is beacause he is my favorite basketball player. In my eyes he is the greatest basketball player of all time. Michael was born Febuary 17th 1963. He is 50 years old today. Mj played basketball for a living. Jordan made 80 million a year. He made many accomplishments thats why he is the greatest basketball player ever to play basketball. Heres three acomplishments he made. Six champioships 1991-93 1996-98. Another acomplishment jordan had was he was a five time N.B.A MVP 1988,1991-92,96,98 and his hole team in 1985 was the all rookie team.

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What Michael does now at 50?

At 50 Michael now owns a N.B.A team called the charlotte bobcats. Also he has 3 children Marcus, Jasmine, and Mickeal Jordan. His team was the Chicago Bulls and now he has his own resturant in Chicago thats where all of his money comes from now and his own shoes and clothing.