Infuse Tech into your Instruction

PD Meeting - March 25th (CTE 1:30 & Others 2:30)

Add a Little Extra "Spice" to your Instruction

Using the SAMR Model as a blueprint, you will be able to enrich a lesson or unit that you plan on teaching in the near future. I will be able to provide resources, suggestions, and guidance to help you with the process of transforming your instruction.

The goal of this professional development meeting is to give teachers time and resources to develop or update a lesson/unit "infused" with technology.

A Little Info Please...

Please complete this short questionnaire to provide me with an idea of what you want to learn more about or would like assistance in. This will give me a chance to prepare tutorials/resources ahead to make most of the time during our meeting and to personalize your PD.

Ideas include: creating Google forms for surveys or assessments, utilizing Google Classroom to the fullest, presenting information in new ways, creating movies, writing blogs, or even creating a flyer like this one.

Ideas are endless!!

What to Bring...

  • Your Laptop
  • Future Lesson or Unit
  • Complete the short questionnaire BEFORE attending meeting
  • Readiness to TRANSFORM learning


Where is the meeting?

  • TBA before March 25th, but most likely in a classroom

When is the meeting?

  • March 25th (CTE 1:30-2:30 & Others 2:30-3:30)

What if I don't know what technology I would like help on?

  • In the form, please give me an idea of what your goal and expectations are for the lesson/unit and we can go from there.

What if I have questions before the meeting?