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The week of November 9th

This week in 3DM

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We are in full Pilgrim mode and the students seem to LOVE it! We have crossed the Atlantic, built houses, and looked for food. Next week we will meet the Wamponoag, plant food, and hopefully sign a peace treaty. Thank you for those of you that signed up for our mini feast. Friday will be a fun day!

In math we took our MAP test and our unit test. We started a new round of guided math. Remember that the students are pretested and put into groups at their level. This helps them get the kind of instruction needed to help them succeed. This unit is all about computation and the basics of multiplication.

We had a great reading test this week. Students did very well and they are taking their time. Remember you can go back and see the areas that they struggled on by logging in the Pearson account and choosing the test. You can then see which questions they got wrong.

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Important Dates

Fridays- Reading calendars checked

E days- LIBRARY books due

November 18th- Culvers Night

November 23-24- Conferences

November 25-27- No School

December 17- Winter Party


In reading we have been trying to finish the book “ Fish in A Tree” for our GRA (Global read aloud) We are on chapter 44 I think. We have been having a great reading this week! We have had so much fun listening to Mrs.DeLaPaz read to us. Today Elbert gave Keesha A nickname called the baby! It was so funny when she yelled at him for calling her “the baby”. But he evenually explained to her why she got that nickname. We have had a great reading week!




in writting we are doing cursive.we are doing cursive letters,the letters that we did are g and q it is really easy.and we are going to do it proubly tourds the end of the year.and when we are done then we get a lisence not really.and we cant go ahead.


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Social Studies

In social studies we have been learning how diffilcult it has been for the pilgrims.A fun fact is that they had the same clothes for the whole intier trip.There was a baby born on the Mayflower and its name was Oceanes.It was hard on the winmter and only 7 people were healthy enough to take care of the sick.We have been learning a lot of great facts!



Math- DeLaPaz

This week in math we took a math test.This week we all so learned about measurement and data.This week we all so finished 3.0 in math.This week we all so learned about area and perimiter. By Daniel

Math- Busky

In math we are working on decmals and ading and subtracting decmals.Decemals are easy because you can just line up the decmal and then barow and you can do it mental by just doing the whole numbers first then add together the tenths and hundreths and if there is another whole then bring one to the whole side and start over.So decmals are easy because all you have to do is adding and subtracting regular so you can just find the answer. I like math and I like it and it is fun for me to explain it so I will tell you something just line up the dot and and or subtract by barrowing or carreing.

By Aidan


In art we are starting a new project. We do not know yet. Some people still need to finish their castle but most of us finished. Also Mrs.Davis put pictures of castles they looked really cool. Some of the castles she put up were some of our castles in our coloring sheet when we are done doing our castles.Also our last project we did was leaves.I drew eight leaves and my backround was green.




This week in music we will get to play our recorders for the first time.I am so excited that I have ants in my pants! My recorder is pink.There are three colors you could have gotten if you ordered from the school pink, blue or green. If you brought it from home you could have any color like brown or purple. Also we made our own song that rhymes with a real song about Beetovens wig and we made commands for it. His wig is sooooooooooooooooooooo long they say it covered the whole universe. It just was a joke.But back to the recorders.When we went to the 5th grade concert,they played there recorders.So when Mrs.Crowe is talking I will listen because I want to be like the 5th graders,So I will practic everyday or when I can.We are learning about the letters on the staff and musicions are sooooo lazy they only use the letters A-G! Mrs.Crowe’s smart board wasn’t working!The smarty pants was not working!! We also read a story about Beetoven.We also watched a movie called”Beetoven moves upstairs”


In the movie Beetoven was deaf.He made music and Cristof and his mother was able to join him.Cristof’s dad died at the begining of the movie even before we got to see him in the movie.


In p.e. we are doing underhand throwing and we are doing batting.Today we did overhand throwing.We also got to bat today it was fun.Today we did a bowling test too.Yesterday we were only batting evan thoe it was a blast I got to be one of the volentears yesterday. By Gavin