South Grove Intermediate School

News and Notes for February

From Mrs. Reid

February comes in with a frenzy as we work through snow days, delays, and getting ready for ISTEP testing at the beginning of March! One thing we have noticed is that some of our students are coming to school without an appropriate coat. We have repeated to them that a hoodie is not a winter coat and not enough protection against the arctic temperatures. If your child is in need of a winter coat, please contact me.

Progress reports will be coming home the week of February 10th. We moved it back a week due to the school closings and delays. Continue to check Parent Connect for weekly updates on grades. If you need a Parent Connect code for your student, please contact the school office.

School Fundraiser

The school fundraiser ends on February 12th.

Please encourage your child to sell items to friends, neighbors, and family members. All proceeds help support student activities at South Grove!

Snow Make Up Days

Dates to add to your calendar

Monday, February 17 - Presidents' Day

Friday, May 16 - Built in Snow Day

Monday, June 2 - Added to the school calendar

We will let you know additional days as determined by the Beech Grove School Board.

Mission Statement

The mission of South Grove Intermediate School is to create a culture of excellence that prepares our students to be ready to learn, responsible for themselves, and respectful of others as we work together to create productive citizens.

Daily Student Mission

Today at South Grove I choose to be

ready to learn

responsible for myself and my property

and respectful of others

I will make today a great day

for my classmates, my teachers, and myself.

CONTEST: Box Tops for Education

We have a Box Top Contest going on at South Grove Intermediate. The contest will end on February 21, 2014. Our school receives 10 cents for every box top received. This money goes towards programs, projects, etc.

We also take Campbell's Soup labels and pop tabs for Riley Children's Hospital. Thank you for your help in saving these items for our school.

Reading Challenge from Mrs. Stacy Johnson

Read the Most Coast to Coast gets students excited about engaging in valuable reading practice! In fact, based on students' enthusiasm in prior years, we think we'll top the FIVE million mark! What an incredible accomplishment this will be, resulting in celebrations and "high fives" among students and educators across the country.

More than 31,000 educators registered for their students to take part in our second Read the Most Coast to Coast event in March, 2013. Students took 4,409,622 quizzes, shattering the first year's record. On February 28, 2014, students will attempt to top last year's record and go one step further to STRIVE for FIVE million quizzes.

Let's do this South Grove students!

BGYBL Championship Teams!

Congratulations to the following students for their championship season with the Beech Grove Youth Basketball League!

3rd & 4th Grade Division
Connor Horsley

Amaya Turner

Ava Lantzer

Bradley Neal

Cody Wright

Josslyn Knox

Matthew Moore

Promis Fomby

Marcus Traas

Paschal Robinson

5th & 6th Grade Division
Quinn Johnson
Cody Vann
Gabrielle Vann
Olivia Murphy
Tre Stone
Jadyn Curry
Carson Collinsworth

5th Grade Poetry - Mrs. Steurer's Class

Mrs. Steurer's class has been working hard reading and writing poetry. We know you will enjoy reading the thoughts from these talented students. Great job!

Free Verse Poems


By Dane Poole

In a broken house

Buildings crumbled

Wrecked cars

Streets broken

Blood everywhere

I wonder why…

So much loss and anger

Children screaming and crying

Parents search the rubble

Some alive some dead

War takes so much

War gives so little

People fight to live

Countries fight for power

Truth be told it saddens the world

What has happened to humanity?


By Dakoda Lambert

A tornado is at our house,

It is picking up every mouse. squeak,

We were skipping stumbling steps on stairs

every time I tell this story nobody really cares.

We ran grabbing stuff to protect us.

We were dodging glass and other objects.CHING,

It tore our house down

and almost destroyed the town.

It is a good thing we tried our best to survive

because we are still alive.

Cinquain Poems


By Haley McGhee

A sketch.

A quick drawing.

A wonderful painting.

Art is not just something to do,

it’s life.

It’s great.

It’s fantastic.

It is something I love.

Easy to express your feelings,

it’s cool.

So nice.

Perfect pictures.

Super spectacular.

Lost in a neat world of colors,

it’s life.

“Cold Day”

By Erika Sussman

Cold Day.

White snowy day.

Clouds covering the sun.

Twenty-two degrees leaves off trees.

Cold Day.

Haiku Poems


By Sadie Bennett

Glistens in the wind

Beautiful as a rainbow

Snow whistles at me


By Logan Summitt

Ice cream melts the day.

It is as hot as the sun.

Where are you summer?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Please consider dropping off aluminum cans and paper products to the South Grove recycle bins. By doing this you are helping to financially support our physical education program. Mrs. Newman appreciates the help as she educates students on not only living a healthy life but making healthy choices for our planet.

Music Notes from Mrs. Alkire


The 4th grade Spring Program is approaching and will be held on Thursday, April 10 at 2pm and 7pm in the South Grove gym. The name of the program is The Unity Tree, featuring cats and dogs!