Cornelius Vanderbilt

REWARD: $15,000


Wanted for giving the U.S Navy unseaworthy ships. stealing land from the American Indians while building railroads in the West. He is a robber baron.

Physical Description

He is 50 years old, and has grey hair. If you were to see him, he is at a healthy weight. He is also mid-height.

Biographical Information

He was born on May 27, 1794 on Staten Island. His father owned some steamships and he worked on the water a lot. Vanderbilt made most of his money from when he launched a steamship service that moved prospectors from New York to San Francisco. He made about 1 million dollars a year off of that ($26 million in today's money). Commodore Vanderbilt was on his trains for his railroads. He was involved in steamships and the railroad industries. The steamship industry was located in New York. His railroad business ventured out into the West when the US was starting to expand.