by: Nava Jafari

Definition and uses

in 1609, the very historically famous Italian physicist and astronomer Galileo created the telescope. Of course, at first this invention was not in its best state. Galileo's first telescope was small and could not be seen through clearly however, as time went by this technology was improved by twentieth century astronomers. there are three main types of telescopes reflector, refractor, and catadioptric each of them have a slightly different use but generally telescopes are used to make space objects as large and bright as possible.The invention of the telescope hugely impacted and inspired the invention of binoculars later on history which is used for a slightly different purpose. Today, the telescope is used for great things that teach us a lot about our solar system for example, Hubble. Hubble is a space telescope that is on a mission that will one day come to an end but in the meantime, this space telescope helps us have a better understanding of the amazing things that make up our universe. the formation of stars, galaxies, and planets, and the production of elements by the stars are all areas that we learned a lot about through the Hubble.
Hubble Space Telescope: How it works

How It Works

The way telescopes work are actually quite fascinating. The objective lens in refractor telescopes or the primary mirror in reflector telescopes collect as much light possible from a distant object and bring it together at a point. the eyepiece lens then takes light from focus and magnifies it over the retina so it looks enlarged.



  • Can find one to fit a budget
  • The glass surface inside the tube is sealed from the atmosphere so it rarely needs cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • catadioptric telescopes can be very compact and portable


  • Mirrors may need regular re-alignment
  • Can be very heavy due to needs for larger mirrors
  • High quality telescopes can be pricey
  • All refractors suffer an effect called chromatic abberration


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