Moving to another country


What to do before you move- beforehand you have to make sure you have the proper documents such as (passport,visa,birth certificate, and license.) also you have to pack warm weather clothes. Make sure you have a place to stay such as a hotel before you travel. You need a way to translate the language so, either a dictionary or your phone. Make sure you pack your phone's charges and the any other things you might need.

What to do when you arrive- when you first arrive you need to get through immigration office, so have the proper paperwork. . You have to find out the nearest stores for food, clothes and other necessities.

How to obtain a visa- you have to schedule an appointment with nations office. You first print and fill out a form. Then you email it to them and wait, the process takes between 2 weeks to 2 months. It is then attached to your passport.

Work permits- in France, to get a work permit you have to prove to skills are need to help the economy thrive. The minimum age is 17, and you need a document called h4, visa, and passport, and birth certificate.

Driving and transportation- drive on the left side of the street. 16 years of age. Many people walk, or take busses. If you drive with a child you can not smoke. Bikes are required to have lights after sunset.

How to find help during the entire process- you a translation device, but people speak French, English, German, and Dutch. They have police station where you can go get help for anything.

Cost of living- if you are living in another country you need a place to live, food, clothing, a way of transportation. This totals about 1900€.(month)

State or country laws-

It is illegal to take photos of police officers or police vehicles, even if they are just in the background.

At schools it is not allowed for the cafeteria to serve ketchup

An ashtray is considered to be a deadly weapon.