Yiye Avila Famous Evangelist Died

Jose Joaquin Yiye Avila went to be with the Lord June 28

Jose Joaquin Yiye Avila

Our prayes go to the family of Jose Joaquin Yiye Avila who was married to Carmen Delia Talavera (better known as Yeya) and had three daughters: Noemí, Doris Myrna, and Carmen Ilia. In 1989, his daughter Carmen Ilia was murdered by her husband. On April 28, 2009, his daughter Noemi Ávila, a Christian pastor herself, died in a car accident in Freites, Venezuela.

Although his ministry has expanded across three continents and he has become a household name among Christian families in Latin America, he preferred a humble life, reportedly living in the same house he owned and in the same conditions before his ministry began. In 2009, he suffered a debilitating stroke that limited his speech capabilities, and he retired from public preaching. On June 28, 2013, Yiye Ávila died in his sleep from cardiac arrest at the age of 87.

Yiye Ávila was born in Camuy, Puerto Rico. His parents (Pablo Ávila and Herminia Portalatin) were respected schoolteachers, and he eventually followed in their footsteps. Surprisingly, though, he enrolled at Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico in San Germán, with plans to study medicine. There he graduated with a Bachelors degree in natural sciences and completed his pre-medical studies. In spite of this success, however, he chose to return to his hometown of Camuy and teach chemistry and biology at the local high school, where he taught for the next 22 years.[1]Eventually, however, a change of careers would come about that would take him to over 100 countries.

Let's pray for Yiye Avila and his family!


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