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News for the Beautiful People of Earle Brown

Who's OUT for Today

Kevin Hayden, Grade 5 Teacher
  • Guest Teacher: Yvette Zeece

Anne Foote, Phy Ed Teacher

  • Guest Teacher: Waymond Hamilton
Greg Tomlinson, Technology Teacher


Carrie Holliday, EL Teacher (OUT until 11:00 AM)

  • No Sub Requested

Kirstin Moldan, Gifted Ed Teacher

  • No Sub Requested
Michelle DeRemer, Special Education Coordinator (OUT until 10:00 AM)

Sue Joles, Special Education Assistant

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Did You Know...

If you accepted the invitation to add the Earle Brown Building Calendar to your Google calendars you will not only have access to what is happening in the building each day, but also will be able to see when it is Snoopy Day (besides today, of course!), or Charlie Brown, Franklin, or Peppermint Patty?! Try it. You'll like it!

Door Prize - 1st Email with All 3 Correct Door Owners Wins a Prize!

Tomorrow is Friendly Friday!

When you receive the following photo in your email from a colleague (look to the sad babies on the right) you know it is ON for tomorrow and this Sunday evening. (Disclaimer: that photo is not approved and only shared in The Daily 411 to alert everyone that there are some cheesy folks among us who may need a reality check tomorrow.)

Please remember that tomorrow is Friendly Friday (see teams listed below) which also means it is School Spirit Day. We all know that means we wear our school color....PURPLE Pride, baby!

Friendly Friday Teams

Thank you so much for the 59 folks who have signed up for Friendly Friday teams. Please remember that EVERYONE is invited to Friendly Friday every Friday morning in the Media Center at 8:10 AM. Listed below are the host teams. Please note that there are a LOT of folks who have signed up for Team Sally. If possible, can some folks switch to other teams or if you have not signed up yet but would like to help host, join a team? It would be great to have at least 12 folks per team.

Team Linus - September 16th, December 16th, March 17th

Cortlandt Drake

Dani Nobbs

Maggie Vecchio-Smith

Tanya Heifort

Marti Jameson

Kristin Priem

6 more team members desired.

Team Lucy - September 23rd, January 13th, March 24th

Allison Deme

11 more team members desired.

Team Marcie - September 30th, January 20th, April 14th

Sam Berryhill

Sherrill Lindsey

10 more team members desired.

Team Sally - October 14th, January 27th, April 21st

Laurie Rondestvedt

Nancy Mikulak

Lydia Skadberg

Kirstin Schultz

Kelly McGoldrick

Amanda Bauer

Beth Schultz

Jill Windsperger

Laura Edwards

Shannon Berglund

Kristina Lowe

Nathan Burdick

Rose Skavnak

Jamie Caroon

Haley Gunuru

Melanie Krystyniak

Katie Farley

Colleen Cook

Leah Switzer

Rebecca Nygren

Kim Saunders

Courtney Zellmer

Patti Martineau

Leanna Sevitts

Amy Daun

Amanda LeFevre

Team Schroeder - November 18th, February 17th, May 19th

Brittany Bancroft

Marcy Smith-Akinpelu

Addie Forgrave

Blair Wenndt

Brian Toutge

Cindy Thao

Isis Portillo

Kevin Green

Bill Vitali

Mike Zwick

Stephanie Chillous

Carrie Holliday

Team Woodstock - December 9th, February 24th, May 26th

Kaylee Lundblad

Tina Spanier

Jody Ransom-Daun

Stephanie Stephen

Kathleen Rausch

7 more team members desired.

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Today's Flight Schedule

You down with PLC? Yeah, you know me!

9:00-10:00 AM

Grade 5 PLC Meeting

Sam Berryhill's Classroom B212

10:00-11:00 AM

Grade 3 PLC Meeting

Grade 3 Pod Office

10:00-10:30 AM

Lunch Team Meeting

Conference Room

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Grade 4 PLC Meeting

Grade 4 Pod Office

12:45-1:45 PM

Grade 1 PLC Meeting

Grade 1 Pod Office

1:45-2:45 PM

Kindergarten PLC Meeting

Kindergarten Pod

1:45-2:45 PM

Recess EA Interviews

Conference Room

2:15-3:15 PM

Grade 2 PLC Meeting

Margaret Lindqvist's Classroom

Earle Brown Shout Out's...

Thank you for making this week wonderful!

Minh Strusz has been doing a TON of work behind the scenes to make things go smoothly for the FAST proctors, in addition to proctoring herself!

~ Recognized by Rebecca Nygren

Geronimo Orozco went above and beyond with a little first grader who was very scared and in tears. He calmed her down, stayed patient all while helping to reinforce school policy and structure.

~ Recognized by Mykella Auld

Huge appreciation to Chundra Walton, Transportation Operations Supervisor, who not only provides us with daily transportation updates but also brings support to Earle Brown as the worry and stress of beginning-of-the-school year bussing is heightened.

~ Recognized by Sherrill Lindsey

Staffing Update

Please welcome Elijah Kondeh to Earle Brown. Elijah is the fifth team member of the Student Support Specialists and will support Grade 3. We are so happy to have him with us.

Current Employment Opportunities at Earle Brown:

Please share the following with folks you may know who would be interested in working alongside some amazing people! These are some of the positions we are looking to fill.

  • Recess Aide
  • Lunch Aide
  • Specialist Teacher - Character Development
  • Bright Start Child Care Assistant

What I Hope to Do When I Grow Up to be 72 Years Old...

Toni Basil Urban Street Dance, 72 years young
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Thank you to the University of Minnesota Physicians for another donation for Earle Brown! Mykella will plan to do another round to class rooms with two more carts if school supplies in the days ahead.

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Enrollment Update

Please welcome the following new students as they begin their first day at Earle Brown.

  • Nivea James - Kindergarten, Mrs. Windsperger
  • Ingrid Llama Lamas - Grade 2, Ms. Priem
  • Nikolas Jones - Grade 4, Mrs. Scott
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Yes, it is sad but true. Our bathrooms are becoming a huge issue again this fall.

Our custodial team continues to find huge unnecessary messes in many of our bathrooms. It is imperative that we continue to teach all our students of our expectations for using and caring for the bathrooms. Staff should also do random checks throughout the day to ensure mayhem has not struck. Thank you for reteaching and holding students to high expectations with our shared space.

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Well it is. One of the spools was broken off and is missing. It is in need of repair.


Please make sure that Picture Day information and an important parent letter from Dr. Lalugba are in your students' purple Thursday Take Home Folders today.
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