13th Amendments

By:Dani and Kassidy


Abolished slavery in the United States,except as a punishment for crime where the party shall have been convicted.

Opening Statement

The 13th Amendment is where slavery is abolished in the U.S. The only time it isn't enforced is when you're in jail or prison. Abraham Lincoln was one of the main motivators to end slavery. By his acts and presidency he encouraged the first steps of ending slavery. If it wasn't for James Mitchell Ashley we wouldn't have ended slavery as early as it did.


1. Power
2. Collective weakness
3. The right conditions i.e. the powerful being in some way more (e.g. technologically) advanced than the weak

The ratification came eight months after the end of the war, but it represented the culmination of the struggle against slavery.Lincoln believed that a constitutional amendment was necessary to ensure the end of slavery


Slavery is significant to other people because it marked some end of cruelty in the U.S. Slavery was present for most or all of history and making it end is a historic thing that happened in history. Today, the abolishment of slavery has helped us become independent and treat other people with equal rights. If slavery was just ending now it would make it difficult for us to end it because the U.S. made it a norm for so long and know one would know how to take care of them selves etc.
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The thirteenth amendment was a positive thing that happened in the U.S. since the abolishment of slavery, the U.S. has become a better country, it has helped us become more successful and independent in our everyday lives.
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