Stay Safe While You Camp

Camping safety

Camping tips

A day or so before you leave, check local weather forcasts or contact ranger stations so you don't end up in the path of a hurricane, Flooding, or other natural disaster. With any luck, each camping trip proves to be a unique experience. There are many wonderful things that nature has to offer. But, no matter where you’re headed, a few things should always come with you. Below is the “short list” of camping essentials that should always be packed.

Camping First-Aid kit supplies and etc.

First-Aid kit includes:
__Roll bandages
__Adhesive tape
__Antiseptic wipes
__Sterile gauze pads
__Cotton swabs
__Safety pins

__Bug repellant
__Sterile compresses
__Splinting materials
__Personal information/contact person
__Feminine products

Camping Stuff You Should Know