Operation Eagle Pride Update #1

Operation Eagle Pride

Operation Eagle Pride is the second phase of the District's Long Range Plan that was adopted by the Fordland Board of Education in 2014. The school district is focused on providing the highest level of educational opportunities for the students and preparing the Fordland School District for 2030 and beyond.

Fordland voters approved the $2.64 million no tax increase bond and levy increase issue. The ballot projects include renovating, expanding, and innovating learning and activity spaces at the high school, middle school, and elementary campuses.

The Fordland School District will be providing updates to the Fordland Community on the progress of the 2020 Operation Eagle Pride bond referendum throughout the design and building process.

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Fordland approved to move forward in the FEMA Safe Room grant process

The Fordland Safe Room Notice of Intention has been selected by SEMA to move forward for application development. The Operation Eagle Pride safe room project is to be funded as long as it is approved by FEMA and would provide almost one million dollars of additional funding for the MS/HS safe room project. The MS/HS safe room is part of the 2020 Operation Eagle Pride bond projects.
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Elementary Playground

The Fordland Board of Education approved the bid for the expanded playground area at the elementary school. Construction on the new area will begin in October of 2020.
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School bus purchase

The Fordland Board of Education approved the purchase of three 2022 International School Buses to replace buses that are over 16 years old. These buses will be delivered and put into operation in December of 2020.

Fordland FEMA Saferoom

Spring Weather is upon us and the Early Childhood Center FEMA Safe-Room is available to anyone in the tornado protection zone whenever the weather turns.

During non-school hours (before 7:45 AM and after 3:30 PM) the operations of the Safe Room will depend on the assistance from the key personnel as outlined below.

School staff members are assigned are on-call for after school hours when the National Weather Service is predicting severe weather. Those responsible for acting as the Field Manager(s), Assistant Field Manager(s), Equipment Manager and Assistant Equipment Manager(s) will perform the same duties as outlined above. When a tornado watch is issued the designated safe room area will be cleared if necessary and readied for occupancy by the public. When a tornado warning is issued (tornado sirens activated) by the Webster County Emergency Management Director, the Safe Room will be opened for surrounding residents within the TPZ (tornado protection zone) to seek shelter in the Safe Room.

After the tornado event is over the Site Manager will activate the remaining operation team members and their duties will commence as necessary as outlined above.