Sir Walter Raleigh

Biographical Information

Sir Walter Raleigh was born around(1554)in London,United Kingdom, and died October 29 1618 in London. Sir Walter Raleigh was an English landed gentlemen,writer,poet,soldier,politician,courtier,spy and Explorer.

Nation he sailed for and his voyages

Sir Walter Raleigh founded three voyages to Roanoke Isi (1584-1587) He sailed to Verginia

His Death

Sir Walter Raleigh was executed and was sentenced against him 15 years earlier for conspiracy against king James 1


Sir Walter Raleigh was in the army, Raleigh was knighted in 1585 and became captain of the guard, during Elizabeth reign, Raleigh organized three major expeditions to America including the ill-fated Roanoke settlement. He later drew the queens wrath and was imprisoned in the tower of London.