My Movie: Elf

By: Westley Harris

Short Synopsis:

Buddy the Elf was accedentally transported to the north pole and soon figured out he didnt belong. He went to New York to meet his real father. Walter Hobb ended up being his father through DNA testing and tries to connect with his son.
Elf - Movie Trailer

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell: Normally in the genre area of comedy. He is known for staring in Step Brothers, Anchorman, and Elf. He was also on Saturday Night Live and many other comedy group. He is a great Comediana and will star in a lot more future movies!
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James Caan

He is not only a great comedian and actor, but he is also a director the movie hide in plain sight. He is also in some of the great movies such as Godfather. He played in the movies, misery, las vegas, and elf. He also was a soundtrack for the movie elf.
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