Bill Gates

The best inventer

Early life and childhood

Bill Gates was born on October 28,1955 in Seattle,Washington, US.His dad is William Henry Gates Jr.Bill had two siblings Kristi and Libby.He married Melinda French and had three kids.In fact he is alive in the present.


He is know for creating Microsoft and became the most richest person in the world.Also he made a translator machine.He society by making a small PC and a cheaper than others and made a device that translate stuff to English.

Important events

  • 1967 to 1730
At 13 Bill enrolled at Lake side school.

  • 1973
Bill graduated from Lakeside school

  • 1974
Bill Gates took a summer job with Paul Allen.

  • 1977
Bill was arrested for driving without licences

  • 1978
Bill's company hit US one million dollers.

Fun Facts

  1. Bill Gates made the x-box
  2. Bill's kids got only 10 million out of 72 billion
  3. Bill and his friends did not have a college degree
  4. He was arrested for driving without a licences
  5. Bill has more than a billion $

What I Discovered

Bill loved to make and discover new things.

He also loved making new programs and games for computers.

Never stop and just do your best.