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Dates To Remember


9th- Lego Clubs begins after school for those who signed up for the program

11th - First Responder's Day students please wear red, white, and blue

17th - Progress reports released on Skyward

23rd- Spring Creek BBQ Spirit Night

25th- Fall Individual Pictures

Oct. 2nd Willie's Spirit Night

Principal's Message

It has been wonderful having students back in the building these past few weeks. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with each of them. We look forward to seeing everyone at Open House on September 19th.

Many parents have asked about what can they do to support their child(ren) at home. Our teachers have strong initial and targeted instruction here at school. They keep students engaged and involved in their learning all day. With that being said, we want students to go home and enjoy their time outside of school. As adults, we dislike having to work from home and would much rather engage in other relaxing activities of our choosing. It is no different for our students, they too need down time. Homework is always a hot topic with strong feelings on both sides. At Brill, we believe that together it is the job of the parent and school to develop a well rounded child. There has to be a middle ground to the homework debate and we hope you will support us in our decision to not always send paper/pencil work home with students.

Instead, you will receive a newsletter twice a month from your teachers explaining what is being taught in class and how you can help support this learning at home. In addition to this, we always encourage reading with and to your child along with practicing math facts and reviewing study guides as they come home. Look for these newsletters to come home and take time to review them with your student.

Thank you for all you do to support Brill and know that my entire administration team is here for you at any time.

With Bronco Pride,

Sandra Speer, Principal

Amy Gollogly, Assistant Principal

Herman Lartigue, Assistant Principal

Counselor's Corner

Welcome back everyone! It’s been a great start to our 2019-20 school year. Some new programs will be introduced this year at Brill. One that we are very excited about is our weekly Community Circles. Beginning every Monday morning each class will conduct a Community Circle in their classroom. This means that the class, including the teacher/facilitator, will sit in a circle on the floor and have short lesson on a character trait. Community Circles are an amazing way to get to know each other, understand and accept each other’s difference, and create a family atmosphere her at Brill. This past week our character trait was Respect. The feedback from teachers and students has been very positive! Please ask your student(s) about this great practice and also about Brill’s Core Values.

What does it mean to have core values?

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of an organization. This is why we exist. These guiding principles dictate behavior and can help us to determine if we are on the right path and fulfilling the goals we set by creating an unwavering guide.

Brill’s Core Values:

Believe in themselves
Respect everyone
Overcome challenges
Never give up
Curiously inquire
Own their learning
Seek opportunities to learn

We are excited to get this year started and proud to be part of your child’s journey!

Mr. Scherrman

Brill Counselor

A Message from our Literacy Specialist

Welcome to a new school year! My name is Allyson Peyton and I have the joy of serving as Brill's Literacy Specialist. Parents are always asking how they can support their child at home with reading. I love this article by Richard Allington and thought it would be a great read for parents.

Every Child, Every Day by Richard Allington,

Thank you for partnering with Brill in the education of all students!

Allyson Peyton

Brill Literacy Specialist

Arrival & Dismissal

We need your help with drop off and pick up. Our goal is always safety first for students which can lead to a little extra time and frustration on the part of the parent. If we can work together, we can get your students in and out of the building quickly and safely.

Please remember it is against the law to be on a cell phone in a school zone. We are having many instances where parents are on their phone in the drop off or pick up line and are not fully focused on what is happening around them. Please do not use your phone in a school zone.

Here is how you can help:


Two drop off lanes for carpool- please enter from Rutley NOT Wiltshire- this causes a huge back up at the intersection of Wiltshire and Herts.

Do not park close to the intersection as cars and buses need room to get in out out.

Do not drop off students on Wiltshire- all students must exit from a car or bus or walk to school using a crosswalk for safety purposes.


Car Pool

Please remain in your car. Exiting you car holds up the process so please stay in your car and off your phone.

Please have your number visible so we can quickly call it in and have your student ready.


Kindergarten and First grade now have walker tags. Parents are being given a card that has a matching number. Please bring this with you to pick up your student. Students will not be released without the matching number without us checking your ID.

We have 764 students in our building and we appreciate you working with us to keep each of them safe as they arrive and leave Brill on a daily basis

Early Dismissals and Custody Issues

We ask for no early dismissals after 2:15. We understand emegencies do occur and we will work with you on these instances.

Thank you for keeping all custody papers up to date and on file in our registrar's office. This saves you time when you come to visit or pick up your child from school.