Nonverbal Communication

By: Isara Soto Rivera

What is Nonverbal Communication?

Nonverbal communication is simply communication without words in which we use our facial expresions, eyes, tone of voice, touching,ect.

Facial Expresions

Facial expresions forms part of our daily life basis. We see & use facial expresions everywhere. Some facial expresions include smiling, frowning, eye rolling, apearing bored or interested,ect. Many of our expresions are ones we're accustomed to from our own cultural,familial, and business backgrounds and experiences. Because of that we can understand we can understand facial expresions diferently and sometimes that could lead to a misunderstanding of the intent behind such expresions.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is considered as a facial expresion, is a type of nonverbal communication that is strongly influenced by social behavior. Eye contact can indicate how interested is in a communication taking place, it also suggest trust and truthfulness or honesty and in relationships can show intimacy, attention and influence.


Proximity is the distance between people. Distance has had several names like "personal space", "comfort zone and "body bubble" between others. The space between us and another person forms invisible walls that can tell how comfortable we feel at various distances from other people. The amount of space depend on the relationship we have with that person. For example, we feel more comfortable standing closer to a family member or a close friend than with a stranger or with someone we just met.

Body language

Body movements are used to reinforce and emphasize what we say and offer information about our emotions and attitude. In Physicology Today says, "Body language can be subtle or blatant; it can be consciously sent and unconsciously received". There are sometimes subtle, and sometimes not subtle, movements, gestures, facial expresions and even shifts in our whole body that can indicate that something is going on.
Nonverbal communications help us learn that sometimes people doesn't have to use words to tell us something even though sometimes the information or the message can be misinterpreted due to a misunderstanding. We have to be more careful with how we use our gestures & facial expressions, even though sometimes we can't control them, because we never what another person may interpreted of that!