Come To Minnesota

by Daniel Buxengard

Land of the Farmers

Facts About MN

We have a cold climate so no sicknesses. Lake Supperior is a major lake in Minnesota. Our first governor of the territory was Alexander Ramsey. Harriet Bishop is one of our teachers here. The soil is rich and perfect for farming.

Good teachers

Minnesota has one of the best teachers, Harriet Bishop, teaching the young. They learn reading writing and arithmatic. Allthough we don't have the best school houses they still learn all of the standard material.

St. Paul

St. Paul is a large town with nice scenery and rich soil. It is the main city of Minnesota and lots of people live there.

Harriet Bishop

Harriet Bishop teaches the young of Minnesota, so they can read and write. She has Sunday Schools if you are religious and helps raise money.

How to get to Minnesota

If you are wondering what the best way to get to Minnesota it depends where you live. If you are from overseas then you will want to take a boat. If you are in the United States then train is a safe and good way to get here. If you are are close to Minnesota then walking or stagecoach would be the cheapest way to get here.

Henry Sibley's Quote

She extends a hand to all of her sister north and south and gives them assurance that she joins their ranks-not to provoke sectional discord or to endanger strife...but to promote harmony and good will, and to lead her aid, on all occasions in maintaining the integrity of the Union.