Traditional Tantra Yoga Workshop

with Jeana Hickling from Shri Kali Ashram (Goa, India)

Sunday August 16th. 12-2 PM @ Bikram Yoga Squirrel Hill

1701 Murray Ave, Pgh, PA 15217 (Corner of Forbes and Murry)

$25, mat included - Suitable for all levels

Reserve your spot at

Walk-ins welcome but space is limited, registration recomended!

"Meditation in Movement"

In this workshop you will be given and introduction to the many aspects that encompass the holistic science of Traditional Tantra Yoga - both its philosophy and its many practical applications. You will then be guided through your own experience of it as we flow through an ancient sequence designed to bring balance to the three doshas (the pillars of personal health according to Ayurvedic medicine). Within the yoga practice is integrated pranayama, bandhas and relaxation techniques which will ease yo into a deep state of meditation, allowing you to complete the workshop more closely aligned with your true nature: sat, chit, ananda (truth, consciousness, bliss).

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