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Culture Activities

  • Hunting- The most popular animal killed was deer and hares, and it was mostly a man activity
  • Horse Racing- Healthy people raced their horses with one another
  • Boar and Cock Fighting- When strong birds fought with one another and fought to the death and boar fighting is when wild boars were raised in captivity for boar fighting
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  • The houses were made out of dried mud bricks with red roof clay tiles
  • Homes would usually be one story, but can have some two story houses as well
  • Spartan houses would be often be painted white
  • People would most often eat meat and fish
  • They traveled by foot and they also traveled on horse back


  • Sparta is ruled by two leaders / kings, this was so they could check on one another and not act alone
  • There is also a council made up of 28 elders / men who reached the age of 60
  • There is a group of 5 ephors who over saw the laws

Social Structure

  • Had two kings ruled the city, but they did have 28 council members
  • The men were the highest ranking people
  • The middle class were the Perioeci made up of farmers
  • On the bottom of the Helots, they were slaves

School / Education

  • The Spartan culture was not really educational, they want to focus on war and training
  • Young boys were sent to military school at the age of 7, If they passed the test then then they will have to serve till 60
  • Young boys were taught essential survival skills / given enough food to survive
  • Young boys were also taught how to steal, lie, and cheat by getting away with it
  • Young girls were taught the basic physical education like wresting, ect.

Travel Alerts

  • When traveling to Sparta the rough mountain terrain
  • You also might be seen as a Helot in the night, and get killed
  • When getting to closer to Sparta you may also be looked as a slave or even a enemy