Media Center News

December 2015

Don't Forget!

Hi everyone! Don't forget that we have open Check-out from 9-9:30 every day. Please use the Media Center passes so that we know the student's have had permission. We average around 20 kids each day! Also, have them bring their old books back with them so we can check them in.


We have 15 Spheros that can be checked out along with the iPads. The apps are already loaded on them and I'd be happy to collaborate with you to help you get going. The kids love them. Also, there is an app that can code and what a great way to incorporate that for STEM learning!
The Hour of Code is here

The Hour of Code is Here!!

I sent a separate e-mail with links for activities. Let's get excited!! Kids love this! Show this video to your kids to get them learning about computer science.


I just learned about this website and it is also an app! The kids can create books online and then there is an option to order the book, much like a photo book. This would be a great way to publish writing. Once the story is done, it can be shared online or actually be printed out.

I love Canva!!

Canva is my new favorite for designing posters, flyers, menu's, and more. This would be a great final project option for kids or for you to be a computer graphics designer. Photos can be uploaded or they have several free graphics to choose from, neat fonts, easy designs, etc.


Aurasma is an app where you can turn something into a 3-D object and presentation. We have a book in the library The Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore that uses Augmented Reality to make the pages come to life. Check out the video below from Matt Miller, who did a training for teachers piloting iPads. He has a book called Ditch that Textbook that will be on my list to read!
$20 bill aura -- Aurasma

Lost and Found Books

I have a container under my office window for personal books that were mixed with library books. If you are missing books, they might be in there. Please check it from time to time to see if something is yours!

Computer Logins

Each student has a new username this year and it happens to be the first part of their e-mail address that they will be using next year. It would be very helpful for everyone to start using this now so that the kids know their e-mail address to begin the year. The username is part of their last name, part of their first name and some numbers. Look in Skyward for their e-mail address and write down everything before Their password is hsemmddyy.

Thanks for your help!! The generic login is great but let's make it a goal to get every student knowing their username and password for 2nd semester.