Molly, Bring Me a Pitcher!

The Most Valuable Woman of the Revolutionary War

Mary Hays McCauley

What's Her Name, Again?

*Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley is her full name.
*"Ludwig" is her maiden name
*"Hays" and "McCauley" are names from her marriages
*Her real first name was Mary, but her nickname was Molly.
*The name "Molly Pitcher" will be described below.

Marvelous Molly!

*Moved to her parent's house to be closer to her husband at war
*Her husband was a part of George Washington's army
*She became a camp follower (a woman that follows the army)
*Her duties as a camp follower were to cook, wash laundry, sew, and carry water

We Want a Pitcher!

*Mary carried water to the soldiers to cool them, as well as the cannon
*Soldiers yelled "Molly, bring me a pitcher!" It was eventually shortened to "Molly, Pitcher!"

Courageous! Charismatic! Confident!

*It was a hot day and Molly was carrying water to the soldiers
*Her husband was loading the cannon, and he collapsed
*Molly cleaned the cannon, loaded it with ammunition, and fired it in place of her husband

Watch Out, Molly!

*Mary was nearly hit in the leg with a musket ball
*The musket ball ripped her dress
*After her dress was ripped, Molly stated, "Well, that could have been worse!"

Sergeant Molly!

*George Washington saw Mary's actions that day
*She became a non-commissioned officer
*Her new nickname was "Sergeant Molly"

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