The African Times

By Frank Zhou

African Map of Colonization

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Time Line on Apartheid

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Article on 21st century issues

Even though many African countries were able to gain independence, many other problems are rising for them to fight against. Epidemic diseases, famine, and poverty are just a few problems Africa is experiencing right now. Some deadly diseases are HIV/AIDS and Malaria. HIV/AIDS results in 6300 deaths a day and is one of the leading causes of death in Africa. Famine and just the lack of water not only cause diseases, but also leave Africans with nothing to drink or grow food with. This leads to poverty and illness. Droughts and desertification also make water more and more scarce. Not only that, civil wars are popping up all around Africa. This leads to refugees fleeing their country and increased poverty levels. As you can see, even though Africans have independence, diseases, famine, civil wars, and poverty are still hardships they must endure.

Independence Movements

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Nationalism-Strong pride in one's country. usually leads to desire for self government.

Pan-Africanism: The belief that there is a global African community of native Africans and the descendants of African slaves. Created to secure equal rights, self government, and independence.