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January 11, 2016

Benchmark Testing

All SMS students will be taking Study Island Benchmark tests in math and language arts in the next few days. This is the first time we'll be using this new assessment option and here is some important Q and A regarding the program.

1) What is a benchmark test? A benchmark test is a comprehensive test that asks questions over topics that are covered any time throughout the year. These tests give teachers feedback about how well students have learned taught material as well as how much they know about not-yet-taught material.

2) When will students take these tests? Most students will take the math exam on Tuesday during math class and the ELA test on Wednesday during ELA class. The tests are pretty long. Students will have one period to take each of the tests.

3) Are these tests graded? A benchmark test, by its nature, is to inform instruction (tell teachers where students are in their progress toward the overall standards for the year.) Therefore it is not designed to be a major grade. Most teachers will give some points based on effort.

4) Can I get my results? Since this is the first time we've taken these benchmark exams, we are not sure about our plan for reporting. Once we find out more about the process, we'll inform you how to see your results.

There are several benefits for us in this testing program. The test will give us feedback about what we know and what we need to know. It will tell us who needs extra help in our Connect help sessions. And it will be good practice for the tech-enhanced style questions that we'll be seeing on ISTEP+ in a few weeks.

Good luck to all students. Work it.

Geography Bee Finalists

Congratulations to the SMS Geography Bee finalists. Preliminary competitions were tough and many groups went several rounds prior to declaring a winner. The school finals will be held on Thursday, January 14th. The school champion will go on to compete in the state-wide online bee and will compete to move into the state finals and maybe even the national bee! Good luck to our finalists: 8th graders Chloe Helton, Sam Carr, Ryan Self, Matthew Jourden, and Carson Cox. 7th graders - Gavin Borden and Treyton Owens; and 6th graders - Jake Little and Caleb Turner!
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Bree Bow Success!

Thanks to all of the students and staff that supported the Bows for Bree project! Your kindness is appreciated by Bree and her family! Feel free to rock your bows every day and smile for Bree when you see them!

After School - What's the Rule?

Between all of our winter sports and clubs, we've got about 200 students that could be staying after school on any given night. If you are in a sport or club, here is a reminder about the expectations of those staying after school.

1) Always communicate with your parent if you plan to stay after school! Don't stay after school without permission.

2) Make sure your ride is arranged prior to staying after school. If your club ends at 4:00, have you ride ready to get you at 4:00.

3) If you have a sports bus or a later practice, you need to go home after school and come back OR stay after school under the supervision of a staff member. For example, if you have a practice at 5:00, you can't just run around school for two hours.

4) If you have a late practice or bus and you do leave campus, please do not report back ultra early. If you are to report at 5:00 for a game, please do not return early.

These guidelines are for student safety. Anytime you are on campus, you should be supervised. This helps keep you safe and healthy and also keeps you from any negative situations that may come up if peers have made poor choices.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Monday, January 18th is a federal holiday designated to honor the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. SMS/SCSD2 will have school on this day and all students will participate in special activities to learn about King and his message.
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Calendar Clues

Mon. 11: SNOW DAY

Tue. 12: SNOW DAY

Wed. 13 B: Cross 7:45a, Science Olympiad 3-4:30, Wrestling v. Highland Hills, 6 BB @ Silver Creek

Thu. 14A /Connect: Stu Co 7:15am, Archery 3-4:30, Art Club 3-4, 6 GB v. Salem, 6 BB @ Henryville, 7 BB A/B v. Austin

Fri. 15 B:

Sat. 16: 7/8 GB @ Salem Tourney

Mon. 18 A/Connect: MLK, Jr. Day (school in session), Science Olympiad 3-4:30, 7/8 BB @ Brownstown, 7/8 GB @ Seymour

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