Cougar Weekly

Week of November 26-30, 2018

Shout Outs

Shout out to our Cosmetology students for their awesome outreach at the Rodriguez Elementary Fall Festival!
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Creative Learning Initiative- Drama Based Instruction

Here is a link to some cool instructional strategies. Check them out! Give it a try!

Drama Based Instruction

AISD Mindfulness and Self Care

This Week's Calendar

Monday 11/26/18

  • A
  • 3rd Period- Hold Drill (listen for announcment, email from Mr. Cisneros)

Tuesday 11/27/18

  • B
  • Vision and Hearing Screening (5th Period- Library with Pass from Nurse)
  • Lady Cougar Basketball: JV/V @Rockdale (5/630PM)
  • CAC (530-630PM)
  • PTSA (630-730PM)

Wednesday 11/28/18

  • A
  • FAFSA Workshop (5-7PM)

Thursday 11/29/18 (Late Start)

  • B
  • Late Start PD (8-10AM)
  • STAAR EOC Interventions (AM/PM Sessions)
  • Lady Cougar Basketball: Varsity Novasota Tournament
  • Cougar Boy's Basketball: Varsity Cedar Creek Tournament

Friday 11/30/18

  • B
  • Lady Cougar Basketball: Varsity Novasota Tournament
  • Eligibility Check- UIL
  • Cougar Boy's Basketball: Varsity Cedar Creek Tournament


  • Lady Cougar Basketball: Varsity Novasota Tournament
  • Cougar Boy's Basketball: Varsity Cedar Creek Tournament

Action Items


Kronos Training- Still use BOLT


AISD is delaying the launch of the district's new time and attendance system, Kronos Workforce Ready Suite, to ensure all team members have completed the required training.

Districtwide training is critical to ensuring a smooth transition to the new system, which includes ensuring employees are paid in a timely manner and that leave balances are reported accurately.

Every supervisor must submit a report to their director or chief officer confirming that all employees have completed the Kronos WFR training as soon as possible. Every AISD employee must:

  1. Enroll in the introductory, online course via the Human Capital Platform.
  2. Sign up for face-to-face training and webinars to better understand the new system.
  3. Complete refresher training courses closer to the new launch date.

To access Kronos, please go to the MyTraining 'Training and Support' page and sign up for any or all of the available sessions in HCP.

AISD will continue to offer face-to-face sessions and webinars for timekeepers and time approvers through December. Please contact Hanneke Portier at ( or Ginger Dean at ( if you have any training questions.

Thank you for supporting this districtwide work to implement our new time and attendance system to a more user-friendly system that is easier to navigate.

Fernando Medina, Chief Human Capital Officer

Nicole Conley Johnson, Chief Business and Operations Officer

Vision and Hearing Screening


AISD Vision and Hearing will be on campus Tuesday, November 27th to screen students. If you have any concerns about a student's vision or hearing, or know that a student will need to be screened for any other reason, please notify me by the afternoon of Monday, November 26th and I will make sure the student is added to the screening list.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Julie Carr, M.Ed., MSN, RN

Professional Learning Exchange Days- Professional Staff

As a reminder, Professional Learning Exchange Days are Jan. 2 and May 29. We will not have school these days.

Please do the following to ensure you get credit for your Professional Learning:

  • Review the attached PLED Guidelines
  • Review the HCP PD Opportunities
  • Ensure that you have 3 hours Whole Child, 3 hours Technology, and 6 electives hours to equal 12 hours total.
  • Complete your PLED form (see attached).
  • Attach documentation from your PD to the PLED form
  • Turn the form into your appraiser.
  • The last day the form will be accepted is March 31, 2019.

FIT Sessions


You must create FIT sessions in the portal if you are not on FIT duty. We will be checking to see if FIT sessions are created because our students need access to learning during this time. Create your FIT session by the end of the day Friday for the upcoming week.

The announcement regarding the Cafeteria being closed is below:

In order to promote the safety and academic success of all students at Crockett High School, starting today, the cafeteria will no longer be open during FIT. All students are expected to be in a classroom with a teacher receiving tutoring or doing study hall during FIT. FIT is a closed period, and students are not allowed to be in the hallways or bathrooms during this time.

Thank you for all of your hard work, and have a great Crockett Friday!

Make sure your Gradebooks are Correct

As a reminder, the following is our SBG Policy



Gradebook Structure

  • 80% , 10%, and 10% category split

    • 80% Power Standard

    • 10% Daily Work

    • 10% Organization/Interactive Notebook/Binder

  • 80% grades are all based on power standards assessed with a scaled rubric

  • Assignments names will include a verbal description of the Power Standard

Grading Timelines

  • Minimum of one grade entered in gradebook per week and minimum of six grades entered in gradebook per 6-weeks

  • Minimum of three 80% grades per 6-weeks. 80% grades need to be entered in the grade book the Monday before the 6-weeks grading period ends to allow students time to redo work during the final week of the 6-weeks grading period. Grades cannot go down after this point.

  • 80% Assessments can be assigned and due the final week of the 6-weeks. HOWEVER, they MUST be put into the next 6-week grading period.


  • Students can only retake assignments if the original assignment was completed and turned in on time (unless students are out for an excused absence), exceptions can be made if students fill out an appeal form and submit it to the teacher

  • If students are out for an excused absence on an assignment due date, assignments need to be turned in within two class periods after they return back to class.

  • If students retake and score lower, students keep the higher of two grades.

  • Redo work not done within a 6-weeks must be completed by progress report time of the next 6-weeks.

Fall Final Exemptions

Hey Coogs-

We are beginning to allow our students to complete the Fall Final Exemption forms (Signed and due to teacher 12/10). The form requires that students have met their campus obligations to the programs in which they are involved.


  • If you have an obligation for your course or program that has not been met, enter the student information in the CHS Obligation List Fall 2018. Please enter this information by Friday, 11/16/18.

  • If you have a student requesting an exemption, review the CHS Obligation List Fall 2018 to ensure that they do not have an unmet obligation to another teacher.
    • You can easily find the student by using the Control+F on a PC, orCommand+F on a Mac. This is a shortcut for the find command.
    • Type the student name and find them in seconds

As a reminder:

There will be NO exemptions for End of Course Exams (Fall Only), OnRamps and ACC dual credit courses. All other courses are eligible for exemptions.

Please share this form with the students in your advisories. They can get this form directly from their teachers. The form is attached and can be found in BLEND under CHS Important Information.

FAFSA Completion

Teachers -

I need your help!

The Texas State Government recently changed the financial aid filing deadline for grant aid eligibility. While in previous years, students had until March 15th to submit their FAFSA/TASFA, the deadline for the class of 2019 has been moved up two months to January 15th. If students do not file their FAFSA or TASFA prior to the January 15th deadline, they will literally be ineligible for the largest state grant program, which gives up to $5,000 a year to low-income students.

Currently only 26% of our senior class has submitted their financial aid application. And even though January still seems like a long time away, it is going to creep up quickly. Please reach out to your seniors and stress the importance of applying for financial aid as early as possible - preferably over Thanksgiving break when they will be home with their parents. They can apply online at If they want help, I am available to work with students and/or parents individually to complete their applications or answer questions. We will also be having a second Financial Aid Workshop the week after we return from break, on November 28th.

See email for a list of seniors in the top 50% of their class who, to my knowledge, have NOT submitted a FAFSA or TASFA. If you would like info on a particular student or your class/sport roster, please let me know. Any help you can provide in encouraging students to apply would be much appreciated!

Help Needed- Life Skills

Greetings Crockett Campus,

We are currently in the process of replacing our broken washing machine in Life Skills.

If you may have a washing machine to donate for our classroom, please contact me via email. We are looking to replace as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Chelsea Caldwell

Life Skills Teacher

Information Items


Dates: Tuesday 11/27 and Wednesday 11/28

Times: Scheduled Conference Period

PRIDE Walks Procedure:

After feedback from our first round of PRIDE Walks, we will have a central meeting location and procedure.

  • 10 minutes after the bell for the class period you are visiting, check in to room 19
  • Double check who you are visiting- absent, location correct, etc.
  • Ms. Benson will be available for any questions about the learning walk at this time
  • Blank forms will be available if you do not want to use the form on google docs.
  • After observation, report back to room 19
  • Finish feedback
  • Give paper form to Ms. Benson to share with teacher
  • Email teacher form if digital copy is used


PRIDE LEARNING WALK FEEDBACK FORM (will have paper copies for you in Room 19):

NOTE: If you are going to be out for any reason on 11/27 or 11/28, please email Jordan Benson directly ASAP.

Thank you,


Late Start- 11/29/18

Late Start professional development is a part of our scheduled day. If you are not going to be present, you will need to put 1.5 hours in BOLT. You will also need to contact your appraiser directly to communicate the reason you are out. We will be doing our mandatory STAAR EOC training. If you are not present, you will need to attend a make-up training.

Late Start Schedule:

815-855 AM (In PRIDE Cohort Rooms)

  • SEL (35 minutes)
  • PRIDE Debrief (5 minutes)

9-10AM (in PAC)

  • Shelter in Place (10 minutes)
  • Textbooks (5 minutes)
  • STAAR Testing Administrator Training (45 minutes)

Grade Changes in TEAMS

A new process has been added in TEAMS that enables teachers to submit a grade change for a Progress or Report Card cycle that has been finalized or after the period for posting the grade is closed. This process replaces the current Austin ISD Grade Correction form. There is no need to ask for the gradebook to be unfinalized.

December STAAR EOC Re-tests (December 3-7, 2018)


Students who did not pass their STAAR EOCs will have the opportunity to re-test the first week of December. All teachers will be trained to administer the STAAR test. Be prepared to administer the test, even if you are not selected in advance. Things come up, people get sick, and the test will still need to be given. Test administrators and support list will be provided the week we return from Thanksgiving. Room displacements will be shared with these lists.

Re-test Intervention Sessions:

We will be having an intervention day on Thursday, Nov. 29th. We will take attendance via google sheets, so if a student is not in your class, go ahead and mark them absent. It will be corrected if they are in interventions. A letter about re-testing will be going home to students the week after we return from Thanksgiving break.

December STAAR EOC Schedule:

Thursday 11/29- Intervention Sessions (AM and PM)

Monday 12/3- English I EOC

Tuesday 12/4- Algebra I EOC

Wednesday 12/5- English II EOC

Thursday 12/6- Biology and US History

Friday 12/7- Make-Up

Finals Week- 12/17-12/20

Finals will be the week of 12/17-12/20. The completed final exemption forms are due to teacher by Monday, 12/10.

Remember to check the obligations list

Final Schedule:

Friday 12/14- NO Student Sharing (Letter day to come)

Monday: Periods 1 and 2

Tuesday: Periods 5 and 6

Wednesday: Periods 3 and 4

Thursday: Periods 7 and 8

Farewell from Ryan Sullivan in CIS

Afternoon all,

My time on Crockett’s campus is coming to an end. I will be stepping down from my role to pursue an opportunity to continue supporting students and their families on another high school’s campus in our community. My decision to leave was a tough one. My greatest learning to date was how to belong to a community while building authentic supportive relationships with students and staff alike. That sense of belongingness not only caused much pause, but strife as to if I was making the correct choice to move on professionally. I believe that to speak volumes about the Crockett community and all of you.

My last day will be Friday, 7 December. Tara and I have begun to implement a transition plan that supports our office and our students through this transition. Therapeutic termination can create great opportunities for growth and closure. For some, termination may also invoke feelings of abandonment. The CIS team and I will do our best to support our students with navigating change. Please let us know if you notice students needing additional support.

I hope we have a moment to share a farewell before my departure. Have a relaxing break and see you on the other side of the holiday.

All the best,


Library Passes Required

Hi all,

  • If you are sending students to the Library, please send with a Library Pass (attached).
  • Please limit the number of students you are sending at one time to five. This ensures that I can accommodate several classes at once, in addition to classes that might already be already scheduled here.

Thank you,

Claudia Gibson, MLS

Secret Santa

Good Morning Campus,

Hope you all had a restful break! The Sunshine Cadre is organizing a Secret Santa for the campus. If you are interested in participating simply like this email and I will add your name to the Secret Santa Exchange. Please reply by December 6th.

Thank you for all you do,
Erin Lane

Visual Art Instructor

Communication Sent to Juniors and Parents


The following email has been sent to all Crockett juniors and their parents. If you have students who could use a little extra help figuring out their plans for after graduation, who qualify for free/reduced lunch or are first generation students, please encourage them to apply! The college process is complicated, and getting one-on-one assistance through the process is something that some families pay thousands of dollars for. Our students get this program completely FREE, but they have to submit the online application! If they have questions or need assistance, please let me know.

Thank you!


Hi Crockett Juniors,

Need help with getting into College? Not sure what to Major In or what University would be the best fit for You? Come join College Forward, a Free College Access program here at Crockett High School that specialized in helping highly motivated students achieve their educational objectives! To apply you must be in the top 60% of your class And have free or reduced lunch or be a first generation College Student. To apply fill out our online application by Dec 14th! (see instructions below)

What do we do?

Your Junior Year we offer one on one support as well as after school classes where we focus on College and Career exploration, SAT/ACT test prep and learn about the College experience. At the end of the school year we will also be taking a free College road trip to visit some Universities in Texas!

How to Apply?

Step #1: Go to
Step #2: Fill out the app for your school

Step #3: Have a parent sign it

Step #4: We will notify you before winter break!

Stop by the College and Career Center with questions.

Apps Due by the end of the school day on Dec 14th

College Forward will also be giving presentations during your English classes with more information, in the mean time if you have any questions feel free to email Crockett's College Forward Coach: Alvaro Medel, at

Alvaro Medel

College Access Coach

College Forward

Mailing: PO Box 142308, Austin, TX 78714

Street: 1023 Springdale Rd., Bldg 15,

Austin TX 78721

Office: 512.452.4800

Phone: (972) 677-8348

College Forward - We Help Students Succeed

About Us We level the playing field. College Forward is an Austin-based nonprofit whose intensive, culturally-appropriate mentoring programs propel students from underserved backgrounds to collegiate success and remunerative careers.

Attendance Recovery

Crockett Faculty and Staff,

We are continuing to meet with students and assign attendance hours for lost credits. Students have several ways to make up hours:

  1. Twilight School -
    • starts October 16th,
    • in the library,
    • Tuesday through Thursday,
    • from 4:30-6:30
  2. Saturday School -
    • October 20, 27, November 3, 24, December 1, 8, and 15,
    • in the library,
    • from 9:00-12:00
  3. With the teacher -
    • Must be in a class where they have fallen below 90% (for current semester hours), or
    • Must be in a current core class (for previous semester hours)

Please ask any of the administrators if you have questions.


Tiffany Ysasi-Farris, M.Ed.

Cap 10K

Hello Team CHS,

Join us on our winning streak for the largest and second fastest HS team. Don't worry if you don't run - walking and jogging is also encouraged. You can do it!

Current registration cost for school teams is $20, but will start to increase soon. Here is the link to join and encourage students to join - Our goal is to register one to two students per adult. We can do it! Just be sure to select Crockett HS and carefully select t-shirt sizes as changes cannot be made during packet pick-up.

Always Victorious!

Crockett Design

Faculty and Staff,

Do you need any new flyers for this 6 weeks? Maybe you would like to give an old logo a modern twist. If so, fill out a design request form today!

We’ve successfully completed 7 design requests for the school and person projects teachers are working on! So let us know how we can design, develop, and create your vision.

Please remember our class meets 1st Period only so we ask that you are flexible with the timeframe of your design request.

Design Request Form:

Benefits Available to you

Cougar Family-

We want to educate/remind you that Employee Assistance Program is available 24/7.

Employee Assistance offers the following and is confidential:

  • Daily Life Assistance (adoption, child care, summer programs, etc.)
  • Legal Services
  • Financial Services
  • Identity Theft Services
  • Counseling sessions are available face to face , by phone or tele video.
    • AISD Staff has up to 4 Free Professional Counseling Sessions per issue per year…. plus other benefits. (see attachment)
    • No copays or deductibles
    • 1-800-962-9480

This is a great resource available to you!

Cougar Chatter

Cougar Athletics

Lady Cougar Basketball Schedule 2018-2019

Big picture

Basketball 2018-2019

Good Morning,

Tryouts were held this past Friday evening and the rosters for the upcoming basketball season have been made.

Please meet your '18-'19 Cougar Nation Hoop Squad!

Freshmen A

Niraj Adhikari

Christopher Alvarado

Andrew Bonetello

Joel Francis

James Harper

X'Zavier Jones

Amear Marshall

Matthew Mendez

Andre Smith

Gustavo Villanueva

Freshmen B

Jousha Andrade

Erwin Garcia

Anthony Hernandez-Garcia

Joshua Morales

Jonathan Palacio

Devin Pedraza Souza

Zephyr Reback

Sutton Stevens

Max Nagle

Joaquin Gonzalez


Adam Gonzalez

Adonis Gilley

Angel Mendez

Carson Reece

Dominic Flores

Issaac Woods

Jose Velesquez

Josiah Harros

Marcel West

Michael Newton

Xavier Chappa


Alejandro Garcia

Brant Byers

Carloz Ramirez

David Gonzales

Diamante Johnson

JaRayl Peoples

Jayden Caballero

Joe Garcia

Juan Camacho

Karam Zawaideh

Matthew Abel

Messiah Moss

Nathaniel Ramos

Patrick Ray

Please congratulate these athletes on making the teams as we had over 60 students at tryouts on Friday. If you have ANY issues with anyone listed above, academic or behavioral, please let Coach Davis, Coach Tomlinson or myself know.

Candace Thomas

Algebra I / Boys Basketball

Boy's Basketball Schedule 2018-2019

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