What Millennials Really Are

Generation Y's true culture and identity.

What Millennials Want Other Generations To Know

The thoughts of narcissistic and self-centered pop up in other generation's heads when they think about Generation Y. But are those negative thoughts of lazy, hateful, and dependent even close to the truth of what Millennials have to offer? The answer is no, Millennials have so much more to offer the world that go completely unnoticed. Generation Y want other generations to see them for their true identity. The truth about my generation is we are on the constant rise to greatness. Our high hopes and persistent attitudes have given us the ability to achieve any dream. The new use of technology in everyday lives have allowed us to be cultured and excepting towards differences. We actually embrace difference. Our active personalities have given us the chance to change the world. We want everyone to be equal and looked at as equals. Millennials are given the chance to be educated about the world around us which makes us very opinionated. Although that is not a bad thing, we want to make everyone happy and be helpful to the world. We start small with compassion. We are environmentally conscious which has sparked innovations to the ecosystem. Millennials are so passionate to what we believe in, but we carry a sense of open-mindedness to others. We are not self-fish, we are selfless. People think we always care about what others think of us, but honestly we are self-loving. We are competent with ourselves and just want to show it off. With going through so many world events have allowed us to be enduring. Millennials then are resourceful and adaptable. We are creative but are strategic thinkers. I know that every generation does have some flaws but instead of focusing on the negative, why not just embrace the positive. I am proud to be a part of Generation Y. This is what every member wants you to know about the Millennials.

Millennials Are...