LacocoDots Mid-Month Tips!

Finish the month strong and let your jewels work for you!

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Mid-Month Check-In

We are just halfway through November and sales are skyrocketing! How can you keep up the momentum and generate business through the end of the month? Read below for tips and ideas that have been done in the past by stylists across the country. And don't forget- this is the time to be booking for December as well- so if someone can't do November, offer up December before you both get all booked up! I think you will all love having your business work for you.
I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! This holiday season, I am thankful for all of you!!


Turkey Trot

Turkey Trot, Gobble up the Glam, Thanksgiving Tote Show, Totes of Thanks, GobBLING up S&D - whatever you want to call it, don't miss this fabulous opportunity to get incremental sales for your business.

First off - What is a Turkey Trot or Tote Show?

It's where you send a friend off to enjoy her Thanksgiving weekend with a few jewels, some catalogs and everything she needs to place orders- all packaged in a jewelry roll or irresistible handbag. While she's entertaining for the holidays or visiting relatives she can share and collect orders. You can enter it now as a show, provide her with a link and she can collect orders through month end. Give her a date that she will have her jewels and agree on a return date. Could you mail to a friend or family member that is long distance? Be strategic- keep what you will wear to impress and decide how many Turkey Trots you can set up. Similar version? A look book show, with or without a piece of jewelry.

Make sure YOU are doing your own Thanksgiving/turkey trot show. Don't let your jewelry "rest" over the holidays! Keep a tote or two with you at all times.

What do you want your Black Friday to be like?

Ideas for Selling on the Go

Here are a few tips for selling on the go this Thanksgiving Holiday!

1. Pack up your Stella and Dot "selling on the go" flat portfolio or anything you have to hold your beautiful jewels with your best sellers! Be sure to include some Holiday pieces for upcoming Holiday parties!

2. When your aunt asks you how your business if going.....this is the perfect opportunity to say " It is going great! In fact we just came out with our Holiday collection and I brought my travel tote in the car so I can show you!, I would love to see what you think about some of our new pieces! ".

3. Make sure to deck yourself out in Stella and Dot for all your family gatherings no matter how small or casual!

4. Bring several of the Fall and Holiday lookbooks in the car to pull out when you bring out the jewelry!

5. If you are having Thanksgiving at your house : try and have a small area of your jewelry set up. You can just tell your family that you have it up at all times in case you have a unexpected shopper stop by!

6. Offer personal styling sessions to friends who are staying in town for Thanksgiving. By then, everyone is planning out their holiday party outfits and looking for pieces to "finish the look." When you book a styling session, have her invite her best friend along too- before you know it, you've got a small trunk show on your hands!

Also have a few catalogs set when people are just hanging out socializing they can grab one and shop!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes! Share your ideas, success stories and a photo of your tote show hostess on our team page.

Words to Say- Example of what to send out (personalize it!)

Let's go for a little Turkey Trot

this Thanksgiving.....

Stella & Dot style!!

It's easy!

1. Over your Thanksgiving holiday take one of my “Turkey Trot” packets to your family and friends get-togethers. Be sure to share your trunk show link via email and Facebook for those you won't be seeing.

2. Collect at least $300 in orders and a minimum of 4 orders.

3. Orders should be submitted online by end of day Sunday, November 30th.

Let me know if you would like to participate ASAP!

Turkey Trot packages will be mailed or dropped off by November 26 so you can get started on your orders.


I will send you a tote with a few pieces of jewelry to wear and show off as part of your “promo” for your Turkey Trot. Details on returning jewelry, collecting orders, etc. will be sent in a private email or via telephone. Qualified participants will earn at least $45 in free jewelry plus two half-price items! All purchases will be gift-boxed and direct shipped to address of choice.

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Here are a few pieces your tote could include:

  • Elephant Jewelry roll and handbag to hold the gems
  • Casablanca Bracelet
  • Soiree earrings & Studs
  • Any of the Serenity stone drop earrings
  • Deco Drop earrings
  • Gitane Tassel Necklace
  • Serenity Stone Necklace
  • Eye Candy Necklace
  • A fabulous Scarf
  • One of our killer wallets
  • Your favorite statement piece
  • And as many layering bracelets as you can fit!
  • A few look books
  • Order forms with basic instructions

These pieces will get people thinking holidays!!

Katy Barnes, Independent Stylist and Associate Director, LacocoDots Team