Welcome Freshmen!

English with Mrs. Allen


Hello my name is Sam Miloser. I have recently finished Mrs. Allen's English class. Be prepared to lose your mind if you are unorganized like myself. Overall, the class is extremely enjoyable and Mrs. Allen is a great teacher. She will make your freshman year a lot brighter.

The Course

You will have to do many things this year. Some of these include reading Monster, Romeo and Juliet, a small group chapter book, and you will write your own poems.
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You will read about a troubled black teenager who resorts to crime to fit in. One of his acquaintances asks him to be the lookout for a robbery. The robbery becomes a murder case when one of the five kills the drug store owner. Follow Steve through his movie of his trial.
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During this unit, you will read, watch, and act out the sonnet, Romeo and Juliet. You will learn Old English slang and learn about their culture. Although it may sound boring, Mrs. Allen throws stuff in there to spice it up.
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Towards the end of the year, you will read a book with 2-5 people where it's like a little book club. You talk to your group about the book and most likely you will like the book, because you chose it. Mrs. Allen will put you with your friends and you will enjoy this unit. The way you choose your book is simple. Mrs. Allen gives you three minutes to sample each book, and you give each book a rating. You then are given one of your top three choices and are paired with your group.
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Your final unit of the year will be poetry. You will watch many slam poets. Some of them you will like, others you will not. You will also make a mash-up between a song and a poem. This will make you realize that a song is just a really good or a really bad poem. You will also write your own poem which you will record for Mrs. Allen.

Top 5 Ways to Make Mrs. Allen Happy

  1. Sing old songs
  2. Do your homework on time
  3. Be organized
  4. Reference old movies
  5. Talk in an accent


As long as you pay attention, you should do fine this year. If you are disorganized like me, get organized, it will help you out in the long run.