Nuremberg Trials

By: Mason Morris

Hermann Goering

Hermann Goering was Hitler's first political assistant and was the second most influential person in the Nazi party. He was the Reichmarschall, Cheif of luftwaffe, and in charge of the Aryan of Jewish property. Goering also founded the Gestapo and concentration camps.

Crimes against Humanity

Herman was charged with persecution of Jews, Murder, Extermination, Enslavement, Deportation, and other Inhumane Acts Committed against Civilian Populations before and during the War. He was part of the many execution of Jews and other civilians.

The ending of Hermann Goering

He surrendered to the American forces and the American forces were very interested in him. Then Goering was sentenced to a hanging, but the day before he committed suicide in his cell by taking cyanide which was smuggled to him.

What I think

I believe they did the right thing, by them about to hang him. Hermann Goering killed many people and was a major contributor to the Nazi Organization and concentration camps. I would have done the same thing if I had to make the decision to execute him or keep him alive and have less consequences.
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