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How do vaccines cause immunity? What is used to make vaccines? And what are the risk of vaccination? In this flyer you will learn some aspects of vaccines and the benefits they have

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how do vaccines cause immunity

Vaccines cause immunity by imitating a infection but the "imitation" infection does not cause illness it does however cause the immunity system to respond to the infection similar to an actual infection so the body to recognize and fight the disease in the future.

With many people vaccinated it will help those that cant get vaccinated like young children this is called heard immunity

what are some ingredients in vaccines?

some ingredients in vaccines are suspending fluid (sterile water, saline and fluids containing protein); perservitives and stabilizers (for example albumin, phenols, and glycine and adjuvents or enhancers that help improve the vaccine's effectiveness. vaccines may also contain small amounts of cultured matrial used to grow viruses and bacteria.

there is also chemicals used to inactivate viruses and bacteria and stabilize the vaccines, helping to preserve and prevent the vaccines from losing potency.

thimerosal is a mercury containing preservative but in the amount inside of a vaccine only causes slight swelling and redness at the puncture but the american academy of pediatrics and vaccine manufacturers agreed to reduce or eliminate the amount of thimerosal in vaccines

what are some side effects from getting vaccinated?

any vaccine will cause minor side effects (a sore arm or a low-grade fever) and go away in a few days however serious (though rare) side effect vary with different vaccines For example the Adenovirus vaccines cause mild effects like headaches, fevers, stuffy nose, and sore throat however could cause serious effects like blood in urine and stool pneumonia and inflammation of stomach or intestines. Despite these side effects it's rare for people to develop these symptoms even the some of the mild effects and the immunity from diseases outweigh the risk of these side effects.