Proper Typing Tips

Juliet Nichols

How to use Proper Typing?

There are some factors that coordinate with having proper typing tips:

Good Posture

1. Good Posture; Having good posture is a big key component for having proper typing tips.

a. Keep at least 45 -70 cm of distance between your eyes and the screen .

b. Sit up right and keep your back straight.

c. Make sure to bend your elbows at a 90 degree angle.

Body Position

Body, arm, and hand position are very important when having the proper typing skills.

Hand Position:

a. Fingers should be curved and upright

b. Hands are still while fingers move

c. Make sure your wrists and palms are off the keyboard, but still low.

Body Position:

a. Face the keyboard with your body centered

b. Feet flat on the floor, slightly apart

c. Sit comfortably at a distance away from the keyboard

Arm Position:

a. Hold forearms parallel with the slant of the keyboard

b. Make sure to align the keyboard with the edge of the desk

c. Hang your elbows naturally to the sides of your body