Breanna McClanahan

When Boredom Strikes, Creativity Takes Over

Describe something you did yesterday

Yesterday I made my mother Italian herb roasted chicken and Garlic and Herd Pasta for lunch and before she went to work. I also made A buffalo Pizza and Chocolate chip cookies for after she got off of work.
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Something you do Well.

Something i do well is drawing and pretty much all things creative. I know now I can do anything and everything I put my mind to. It shows me to never put you self down and think you can't do anything.

Something about your childhood.

Something about my childhood is, when I was Six years old my grandpa died of cancer. Over them summer of 8th grade i got diagnosed with it. It wasn't a large amount of cancer cells and they put me in treatment and it was gonna with in 4 months. So far in my wonderful life's journey there hasn't been a reoccurrence in my life that I know of.
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Something you learned last week.

Last week I learned I could Draw a human skeleton, Freddy Krueger. I found out I have a wider range of talent than I thought. It shows that you never need to put your mind in one mind set and let your talent grow no matter if it's in Theater, Visual arts, or Music and arts.
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Something you can't live without.

The reason I say I can't live with out music is, Music is my safe place. Music helps me get away from my problems and calms me down. It helps me get through any mood no matter what the mood there's a song to help.
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Something you love to watch/listen to.

I like to watch show on MTV, ABC, USA, TLC, Adult Swim and more. I also don't have a certain thing i listen to. So, here are somethings I like ti listen to anything on Spotify and Pandora.

Something you dislike (CANNOT BE A PERSON).

I don't like how a lot of the people at carson act like there better then everyone else. I don't like the fact of someone putting someone else down just because there over confident of them selfs. I mean what is the point in that.
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