The fight

I was in a fight last year


The student was bullying my friends all year long, and I (wrongly) felt I should take matters into my own hands. Every time I told him to back off, he would say, "What are you gonna do? You could never beat me in a fight." It was kind of a David and Goliath story except: no one died, I was taller than him, and he was a bully.

Justyn Harrill

Thursday, Dec. 17th 2015 at 12:15pm

220 South Imperial Highway

Anaheim, CA

What happened

He took a swing at me and it landed in the back of my head at the end of class. After we walked out of the gym, he said a comment under his breath. I lost it. I threw a punch. It connected with the facial features on the left half of his face. That is what started our brawl.


We both were given a day and a half suspension for what we did. It was the end of the semester, and there was only a day and a half left so making us miss the first few days back seemed illogical. Surprisingly after the whole incident, not another thing happened between him and my friends. They were left alone, he was more respectable to people and everything seemed better in the end.