Missouri Weekly

Editor: Michelle Hirsch 1887

Terror Hits St. Petersburg

Family and friends mourn the fact that three boys known as, Thomas Sawyer, Joseph Harper, and Huckleberry Finn, went missing. The three boys had gone down the Mississippi River in a log raft. Investigators decided to see if they floated to the next village down. Unfortunatly, it's now assumed they had drowned becuase they found the raft unoccupied and lodged along the Missouri shore line which is five or six miles down from the village. The word is, "They must have drowned. If not, the need for food would have made them come back." For now, hope and prayers are what these stricken families and friends are looking up to now. Hoping some how, or some way these boys will find a way back home alive.

Talking with the Author

Michelle Hirsch (Reporter): "Mark Twain, in your new book, I enjoyed your allusion to Robin Hood when the boys were playing on the island. Why did you choose that particular allusion?"

Twain: "I wanted to specifically allude to Robin Hood in my stories because when I look back to the books I've read as a boy, Robin Hood was always one of my favorites."

Michelle: "In your book, you made up your own setting "St. Petersburg, Missouri". Why didn't you just use your home town,"Hannibal, Missouri"?"

Twain: "Even though I know it would be easier or maybe less confusing to the reader to just have the setting be in Hannibal, I said to myself, 'Why not take the risk and only change the town name in Missouri?' So that's what I did."

Michelle: "Last question. What was one thing that you enjoyed most while writing this book?"

Twain: "I would have to say I really enjoyed writing about actual things that happened to me and three other schoolmates I had."

Mark Twain