Titanic: The disaster of 1912

The Titanic and its sinking.

The warnings were ignored!

Though the Titanic received countless ice warning, many never got to the bridge because they weren't 'important' and the radio operators are too busy sending personal radio messages. Plus, the captain also sailed North and thought the Titanic was just too big to sink and thought the compartments made it 'Unsinkable'.

To the lifeboats! Women and children first!

Due to British regulations back then, the Titanic's tonnage only required 16 lifeboats, with 4 collapsible lifeboats, but it proved disasterous during the night of April 15, 1912, there were simply not enough lifeboats to save everyone.

The Impact

When the iceberg came in contact with the hull, the low quality rivets, which is made of a mixture of steel and iron, just popped out of place so the water just gushed into the ship at 7 tons a second.
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Water, water everywhere!

As more and more water gushed in, the pressure dragged the ship downward, which allowed water to flood into other compartments by the gaps between the door and through the bottom, which were not sealed completely.

Fault back then, of cakes.

Like a cake, the Titanic used the class system, with 3rd class being at the bottom, the 2nd class at the middle, and the 1st at the top, but the faulty system had gates that locked the 3rd class from getting to the top quickly, and by the time the got on top, there weren't many lifeboats left.
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The Carpathia

Though it was 58 miles away, and its top speed was around 16 knots, the captain did everything to get the speed up to 28 knots, where it came and picked up the survivors, gave them good care and took them back to New York.
(Below) The Carpathia
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The Californian

Why the ship did not come to the rescue remains a mystery to this very day, but it is probably assumed that the reason why is that Jack Philips yelled at the radio operator of the Californian, which he turned it off and went to bed, so the SOS was never received, but hey, they tried using morse lamps and didn't get a reply.

(Below) The blueprint of the SS Californian

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