Flour Bluff Elementary

Week of April 6th

FBISD Schools are Closed until May 4, 2020.

Posted on FBISD Website March 31, 2020:

Today, Governor Greg Abbott announced that all Texas schools will remain closed until Monday, May 4. Our goal is to resume all normal school operations as soon as it is safe to do so. However, we know this executive order, put in-place by Governor Abbott, will help to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

We want to first thank all our teachers, staff, parents and students who have worked to keep the learning going while school buildings are closed. This is a new normal for all of us and we will work to continue supporting our students and families to ensure our students’ academic success for the duration of the school closure. We will continue all distance learning that is currently in-place through Monday, May 4. If you have concerns, please reach out to your child’s teacher. You can also send an email to info@flourbluffschools.net. As we move forward over the next month, we will continue to provide updates and let you know our plans to reopen schools after Monday, May 4.

Please continue to keep up-to-date on the school closure via the FBISD website, flourbluffschools.net, through the District’s social media outlets and emails. We appreciate your continued support and partnership.

Curbside Meals-CHANGE

Posted on FBISD Website: April 2,2020

Throughout the school closure, Flour Bluff ISD Student Nutrition has been providing curbside meals-to-go for students. Beginning the week of April 6th, meal distribution will change to two times per week to help families remain home and lower the exposure to COVID-19.

The meal distributions will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays each week for the duration of the school closure. We will now offer two breakfasts and two lunch meals at pick-up on Monday and three breakfast and three lunch meals on Wednesday.

Earlier this week, the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) announced new meal pickup flexibility for parents and families. Parents or guardians of Flour Bluff ISD students may pick-up meals for their children without the child present. However, TDA is requiring that if the child is not present, one of the following pieces of documentation must be presented:

  • Official letter/email from school listing children enrolled*
  • Individual student report cards
  • Attendance record from parent portal of school website
  • Birth certificate for children
  • Student ID cards

*If a parent or guarding is not able to obtain one of the items listed above and is need of an official letter/email from the school listing children enrolled, please click here for more information.

We hope these changes help to ensure our students are receiving healthy meals while lowering the risk of exposure to COVID-19. If you have questions or concerns, please send an email to info@flourbluffschools.net.

Flour Bluff ISD Curbside Meals-To-Go Service

Monday & Wednesday (for the duration of the school closure)

9 a.m. – Noon

Pick-up in front of Central Kitchen

Monday Pick-up: 2 Breakfast & 2 Lunch Meals

Wednesday Pick-Up: 3 Breakfast & 3 Lunch Meals

Learning At Home: Week 3

Congratulations parents you finished your second week of learning at home! Thank you so much for your patience and support with this. We know it has not been easy for you on the home front, and it most definitely has not been easy on our end either. Working together to make the most of a bad situation is how we will get through this together.

This week I want to focus on safety online in live "meetings" or "classrooms". With school being closed, the need to see our students "face-to-face" was great. The two main online tools for this purpose we have used have been Zoom and Google Meets. Both of which, recently, have had security concerns involved.

These are the main concerns.

1) People that should not be in a meeting/class being able to enter. (Zoom)

2) Students being able to contact one another without a teacher present. (Google Meets)

The Elementary is addressing these concerns with the following measures:

1) When using Zoom, we will use nonpublic links with a password. We will also vet the people entering the room by the use of the "waiting room." In the case of announcements, since there is such a large number, there will also be two administrators present. One will monitor chat and people in the room, while the other presents.

2) When using Google Meets, there have been added filters applied last week so that students cannot "hang out" together in a meet without the teacher present.

We hope that these added/continued measures will help with safety and security online. HOWEVER, there is very little that is 100% safe and secure online. A hacker, is a hacker, and a really good one can infiltrate even the best security measures. It is vital that parents monitor their children when they are online. Also, please report any concerns you may see so that we can continue to try and address them.

Below is the link to the Netsmartz which provides information to parents on internet safety and has several child friendly resources you can check out and use with your children at home.


Website for all things online safety with children, including videos for kids and information for parents regarding safety online..

Google Classroom Lesson (How to Load a Picture on Google Classroom)

Here is a quick and good little video on how to load a picture from your cell phone to your child's Google Classroom. It may take a few minutes for you to initially set up, but once you do, you're ready to go for any further pictures/assignments you want to upload from your phone!
How to Turn in Pictures of Work using a Cell Phone and the Google Classroom App

Mrs. Browning's Google Classroom Library

Join Mrs. Browning in the library classroom. You can join with this code: ailgddf

Mrs. Villarreal's Google Counseling Classroom

Mrs. Villarreal will have lessons and resources for students relative to counseling. You can connect with her on her Google Classroom Code:

She is also available by email vvillarreal@flourbluffschools.net or by phone 361-239-8658 .

Spirit Week Activities

Let's try and keep some fun going at home with spirit days Flour Bluff Elementary!!!! Post your pictures on our FBE PTO Page or in your Google Classroom!!!
Big picture

Positivity Project & Announcements

I can't believe it! We have made it to the end of all of our character traits. This is the last trait we haven't covered.


"You believe that all people have value."

"You approach situations with an unbiased mindset and treat everyone with respect."

Monday: Fairness is also Kindness

How Kids Make things Fair Video

Tennis Fairness Challenge Video

Tuesday: A Story about being treated unfairly, but overcoming

Carl McNair’s Story

Wednesday: Fair is not always Equal

Equal is not necessarily Fair Picture

Everyone getting what they need to be successful video

Thursday: How can you be fair? How can you help others to feel equal?

Please Climb That Tree comic

Fairness means helping everyone feel equal video

See your school email or email teacher or Dr. Youngberg for access to announcements.

Lessons for the Week of April 6th

Lesson Plans

These are the universal plans for 3rd and 4th grade all subjects are included. Each subject should take no more than 20-25 minutes per day. Please make sure you follow the instructions and contact your child's teacher if you have any concerns.

Specialized classrooms will send individualized lessons for their classes to parents. Please contact your child's special education teacher or intervention teacher for more details.

GT classrooms will have additional enrichment activities on their teachers Google Classrooms.

Students unable to complete the lessons below, and not receiving already modified plans, may be eligible for an alternate lesson plan. Teachers will contact parents or parents may also contact teachers if this is needed.

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Dr. Youngberg

Please feel free to email, call or text me with any questions.