Breath of Bliss

New Zealand

Breath of bliss LOVE ceremony

Saturday, May 25th, 1:30-3:30pm

Fairfield House, 48 Van Diemen street, Nelson

What to bring? Water bottle, comfortable clothing, yoga mat (or a plusher option for more comfort), pillow (if desired), sarong or blanket, eye mask (optional), crystals to accompany you on your journey if you so wish, snack (you will be hungry after breathing!)

Cost: 25$ (payable cash, exact change appreciated)

Length: 2-3 hours (allow yourself some extra nurturing time afterwards)

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What is it?

The breathwork practice I want to offer you is Breath of Bliss! It is a love ceremony and a portal to absolute LOVE, BLISS & AWARENESS! It is a wonderful event that connects you back to your essence and aliveness. A two to three hour journey that begins with connecting, deep sharing, movement, sound healing, conscious loving and living exercises. The blast off to higher realms of consciousness happens later on, as we lay down for one hour of conscious connected breathing in the shamangelic realms!
It is a deep plunge into yourself that will make you feel the oneness of it all, a unique opportunity to raise your vibration!


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