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Two new offers are coming to town!

Exercise Your Options!

This Christmas, the Drop-In Membership and Committed

Membership both have their own benefit for our customers!

Drop-In Athlete Membership

There is no initial fees for this membership. Every visit will simply be charged $15.00.

Let C represent final cost.

Let v represent number of visits.

C= 15v

Committed Athlete Membership

The initial fees of this membership is $100 and an addition of $5.00 per visit.

Let C represent total cost.

Let v represent the number of visits.

C= 5v + 100

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Intersection of the two memberships

How many visits will it take for the cost of the two memberships to equal?

15v= 5v +100

15v - 5v = 5v + 100 - 5v

10v/10= 100/10

v= 10 (Thus, 10 visits.)

How much will 10 visits cost?

15 x 10= 150


5 x 10 + 100= 150

The point of intersection will (10, 150). On the 10th visit, both memberships will cost the same because although the Drop-In Membership has no initial fees, its slope is greater than the Committed Athlete deal. After 10 visits, the initial fees will be compensated and the Committed Athlete membership will starting to increasingly cost less.

In summary...

The Drop-In and Committed Athlete membership will cost the same of $150 for 10 visits. If you are a person who will come less than 10 times in a year, the Drop-In Athlete membership will be more cost-efficient. However, if you are a Committed Athlete and come more than 10 times, we highly recommend this membership for your best bargain!