Stellar FRANCE Incentive!

I can't wait to meet you!!!!!!!!

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Bonjour belles dames ! Je ne peux pas attendre pour vous rencontrer !

Please forgive me for writing this in English! I don't trust my translating skills enough, and have more Confidence in your Beautiful Leader Audrey, to help me with translating!

I'm so excited to meet you! You have built and amazing team and you laides are a BIG deal! We talk about you all the time here in California and our entire team of Stellar Dots is so happy for you and proud of you! Hilleri and i are so proud to have you part of our team!

I'm so excited to get to meet you and see you in person. Audrey and I are going to work out the details on the time and location in March in Lyon. Please save the date as this is a BIG trip for me and i want to meet as many of you as possible while I am in in your beautiful Country! And If I can fly across the Country and leave my beautiful three children, puppy, and husband for a few days, I'm hoping you can meet me if you are within a few hours! I promise to do my best to make it worth your time and this will most likely be my only trip to France this year. ;)

Before I start packing, I'd like to bring you ladies a few gifts! I have room in my suitcase for some special pieces that i have been told are not available yet for you in France. So let's have some fun and do amazing things in FEBRUARY! Here is a little incentive just for Stellar France! I hope to give each of you this gift in person with a big hug of gratitude! See you next month my friends! Your silly American friend! xo Shaina


-Sponsor two new Stylists FEBRUARY and you receive a special engravable necklace of your choice! (Heart, bar or ID tag)

-Sell 1500 PQV in FEB and you win an engravable necklace from me!

-Sponsor 2 new Stylists and sell 1500 PQV and receive two engravables of your choice and and a special bonus gift from me!

All Stellar France Stylists are invited to participate!

How can I help you??

In preperation for our visit I would LOVE to know what topics you would like to cover while I am with you. If you could please post below message I would appreciate it so much. If there was one thing getting in the way of you reaching your goals, what is it? Do you need help with booking? Is sponsoring scary to you? DO you need help with the comp plan? Do you want to earn more and promote but are not sure how? Please let me know what you need help with so that I can prepare for you! Thank you!!!!! Warmly,Shaina
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