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Fifth-grade students Making Strides for Breast Cancer

Dianne Fonseca is a Breast Cancer survivor who had the opportunity to visit with our fifth-grade students during health classes. Our students learned about cancer and how to prevent it and advocate for a cure. Students have a wonderful opportunity to help others who are battling Breast Cancer.

When your child is absent:

Just a friendly reminder to call into LaPerche before 9:00 am when your child is absent. Let us know what the reason for the absence is in order for us to monitor illnesses within our school community.

Follow up with a written note on the day your child returns from being absent.

Illnesses in the school:

We have had parents reporting Strep already this year.

Colds: be sure to send your child to school with an ample supply of kleenex if they have a cold. Remind them to always wash their hands after blowing their nose.

Pediculosis: for information on the diagnoses, treatment, and prevention of head lice please visit our district website for the Head Lice Guidance for Parents which includes our Pediculosis brochure.

Rashes: If your child develops a rash, please call your health care provider for proper diagnoses and treatment. A note from your health care provider stating they may return to school is needed when your child returns to school.

FLU Clinic for Elementary Schools is being held at Old County Road School

Wednesday, Oct. 12th, 4pm

Old County Road

Smithfield, RI

Wed, October 12, 4:00pm – 6:30pm


Old County Road School, 200 Old County Rd, Smithfield, RI 02917, USAmap


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